My worth

I would always come to you when I felt pain
From anyone or anything around me
You were always the one to listen to my tears dripping down like rain
But something changed. Something isnt there anymore
To whome who meant the world to me
To whome I shared my each emotions
Is now the one causing me to lock my feelings behind a door.
Ive lost the power to fix me
I have lost the power to control me
Ive been locked for too long
I want to feel free, I wish I was gone.
I then get down on my knees
And pray to the All mighty
I plead, I cry I ask
Why me ? Why this misery ?
A thought appears in my mind
As though HE is talking to me
And says ” Worry not my child, im here for you even if they werent, have patience,
Believe in me, obey me and ill show you wonders’ .
I then get up with a hope
A will
A wish with believe that he the all mighty is everything I ever needed to make me feel my worth and not them.

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