Who am i

Here is a story Im about to say Of my self From years from today Just like a normal girl, i lived and stayed. With whatever i was given i reamined happy always. Till a time comes when a certain someone Gets a look at me and never stops and tries his level best to grab all my attention towards his efforts. With time to time, he comes under my window How less did i know that i was also falling in love with him so. We talk and spoke, we had those late night chats like all lovers had We met and shared, a moment which no one was aware. Years had passed,Happiness and sadness, we both went through them all. But i made a promise that no matter what i would always stand for you from all. Dislikes and comments i got from them all But i told my heart no no he is worth fighting it all.

But hold on stop, something changed He isnt the same.. the same i loved years before. What did i do that the care isn’t so strong from his side anymore? Where was our love which we made in 7 years have gone? I tried and tried to make him stop, the lies he said, the hurt he gave to put it away and become mine again. But nothing changed, i was hurt a thousand times all over again.

A heavy heart i carry, and he doesn’t worry These questions kill me why am i not gone already?

So here im wishing, praying and asking my one and only lord, forgive me, for your love was replaced by a creation who i thought was everything but he was not.

The pain, the hurt, these thoughts, those memories.. im lost. So please dear lord, help me find me, find you and bring me to you before i push myself to rott..


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