Shamaa-e-Ishq (The Flame of Love)

Operation Pakistan

The poem sheds light upon the travellers path to the Beloved via the route of Love. Love burns everything. Love burns the heart. Love burns the very composition, existence and physical matter of Man. Love burns logic and rational thought. Through love one reaches the Beloved, a station where knowledge and physical actions without spiritual essence are ignorant. The ocean of love is deep, its depths endless- one transgresses all bounds with the sweetness of its waves! So let the lovers rejoice!

Shamaa-e-Ishq (The Flame of Love)

Shamaa-e-Ishq Sey Apney Dil Ko Jalaa Do
Aatish-e-Sozaan Sey Aab-o-Gil Ko Jalaa Do!

Sharaab-e-Naainaan Ki Masti Sey Ey Saalik
Majnu o Laila Ki Mehfil Ko Jalaa Do!

Tu Rah-o-Talab-e-Haq Ka Hai Musaafir
Aqal-e-Naadaan Ki Manzil Ko Jalaa Do!

Har Momin Hai Raaz-e-Parwardigaar
Har Mullah-o-Peer-e-Jaahil Ko Jalaa Do!

Wus’at-e-Samundar Sey Na Gabraa Umair!
Is Mauj-e-Ishq Sey Saahil Ko Jalaa Do!

Muhammad Umair (al-Qadri)

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