My desires Or Allah’s will

my desires

We live in a world, where most of us are busy pleasing one another, while displeasing Allah. Have you ever wonder, if we chose only and only to fill our hearts with Allah’s divine love how often would any of us get sad, depressed, or end up self-harming ourselves. Well let me break it down to what exactly I mean above. You see, most us are surrounded by people, good or bad, always. And none of us the same and we can never be the same. We often get stuck in situation where we try our level best to ‘fit in’. Let it be school, collage, university, work place or anywhere for that matter. As I girl, a teenager, I always had issues with not being able to keep people longer in my life for some odd reason. They always left, and I would never get along with many. You must be wondering why?
Well, that’s because most of the time I was put up in a situation where I had to change my self completely to fit in. And I wasn’t ready to do so. Many a times I came across environments where everyone around me would date, smoke, hang out with non- mahrams, hug, touch, so on and so forth. They you make it seem like it was ‘ okay’ to do so. But deep within me I knew how wrong it was. No, not all of us are perfect we can never be, but look around how would doing any of this would place Allah. As time passed by such people got more and more involved into these kind of stuff and I was asked to leave, I was insulted, pushed away since I could never get along with it. When I look back now, I wonder if I did give myself up for all of it. For these desires, for pleasing people for throwing away my self-respect, where would I be now? Probably, crying or self-hating myself wishing I should have changed myself too since none of those people are here anymore. I no longer have any friends or close ones. But then again wont doing all of this push me away from Allah, the one who never ever left my side, and always remained no matter what?
Won’t I be busy displeasing him, going against his will, to what he has forbidden let it be a minor or a major sin, I’m hurting him while he gave me everything I never deserved in the 1st place? The why should I be sad, if people left me, if I couldn’t get along, if staying with them would displease my beloved. I shouldn’t and Alhumdulillah Allah has managed to keep me away from all of it, even if it had cost me to cry my heart out to him, asking him to mend my heart and get me closer to him.

But let’s forget all of that, have you ever come across the story if Ibrahim (as) and Ismail (as)? If not, then let me shed some light onto it. Ismail (as) was the most beloved thing, to Ibrahim (as), Allah had ordered Ibrahim (as) to sacrifice and slay ismail (as) for His sake.
What do you think Ibrahim (as) felt at the moment, his most beloved, his son in the world and he was asked to sacrifice, did he stop? Or did he look back and not listen to Allah? Knowing Allah had made the heaven and hell, he has created the earth nothing, and not even a leaf falls off from the tree without his permission. Allah always knows best, and Allah always says he does not burden a soul more than it would take. Ibrahim (as) followed his lord’s will and he placed Ismail (as) and has taken the knife to slay his child with his eyes close. Imagine the pain he felt. But then what happens? Ismail (as) was then replaced with a cow. What does this story teach us? It tells us that, no matter what, we all should trust in Allah and not people or his creation. Ibrahim (as) was tested here and SubhanAllah he passed it and look at the gift he was given in return for listening to Allah. It was selfless love he had for Allah, for the sake of Allah and all of us should try having so as well. If tomorrow we are tempted to sin, do something bad, remember what does Allah’s messenger say: ‘’ Do not look at the minuteness of the Sin, but see WHOM you have sinned against’’ – Prophet Muhammad (phub). Our dearest Prophet (pbuh) the best of creation to ever walk on this earth has already told us why and why. When you please people, the creation, you might lose yourself since it’s never for a cause of Allah it’s only for them and your desires. But how beautifully does Ibrahim (as) teach us this, how his heart never turn away from Allah when he was asked to sacrifice for Allah’s will. Intentions, desires, obsessions, sinning – Do any of these please Allah, or are they for his sake? Will it make him happy? If not then don’t hang on to them. Let them go. Allah always, always knows best. And no one should ever doubt that. When you are unable to get what you want, when your heart isn’t ready to cope with you and you feel you are in pain but deep down thinking if going against Allah can make you happy, then no, don’t it won’t last for long and later one will destroy themselves and their soul in the process. Look around, he has given it all to you, why ask people, we like other are just made of mud, will they enter your grave and answer for you? No. What’s my worth in front of Allah- Al malik himself? I’m nothing. Then how is it my right to disobey him and go beyond what he has permitted, I can’t and I’ll never be able to go far either. In the Day of Judgment we all turn our backs against each other. Nothing and no one will remain except Allah. Only Allah. He has sent you down here and only he can help you go through this life and help to enter Jannah and allow you to be next to him. So never be sad, when you know you are giving it away for the sake of Allah. Ibrahim (as) did and he was gifted though his line age we got our Prophet Muhammad (swaa) and through his teaching, Sunnah, guidance, the members of the holy household and the Quran we given a peaceful, getting closer to our lord and not his creation in this life.


5 thoughts on “My desires Or Allah’s will

  1. As salamu alai kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Masha’Allah, you write very well. I am so happy to come across your blog. I tried looking for an “about me” but couldn’t find one so commenting down here.

    I am glad to find another sister striving for Allah. As a revert to islam, I always find extreme pleasure in knowing my sisters in Islam. Alhamdulillah. May Allah always accept from you and keep you steadfast. Ameen.

    You take care, keep writing.. I look forward to reading more from you! Btw, where are you from?

    Your sister from India.

    1. WalekumAsalam wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuh.
      Thank you so so much for your kind comments. Well um lol i really dont know how to use wordpress that well you see, so im not used to the settings here. It just recently i found out i could add tags so im s bit far behind here. But yes, i always log in here when im done writing something ^_^
      And it’s amazing to finally speak to a revert, Alhumdulillah, it beautiful because we see how only Allah alone can turn someone’s heart towards him when and if he wills ^_^

      And inshaAllah, ill try my best to write more and make them better, keep me in your duas ^_^.

      Well, im your neighboring country, im from Bangladesh, but i was born and brought up here in Dubai ^_^.
      JazakAllahkayran for everything 🙂

      1. Alhamdulillah, wa iyyaki sis. Will remember you in duaas always In shaa Allah. Please let me know whether there is anything specific you want me to ask for you from Allah subhanah wa ta’ala. You may mail me if typing out duaas in a public forum is uncomfortable.
        My email id is

        Ofcourse, you may share and discuss other things too! I would love to know about you, your country etc., if you wish to share that is. 🙂

        Remember me in duaas too please . Please ask for my parents to revert to islam and an amazing pious husband for me from the ummah! Oh ya, and I have a paper coming up day after tomorrow, please ask that I pass with good grades. In shaa Allah. Ameen. Haha..gave u a long list? Alhamdulillah, take care.

        Allah hafez!

  2. This is a situation many young Muslims are coming across. I was never careful about my religious obligations, but going into college I came across this utterly disgusting atmosphere where there was no concept of mehram/non mehram and other things. I didn`t think twice, as soon as my college ended I broke off all connections. I won`t call the people I left as sinful, as it only takes a moment for a change of heart. But I didn`t feel comfortable with that environment. It was suffocating. Being the only son, the memories of old days came to haunt me often, but like you said sis, it is in those darkest moments when our nafs tries to cajole us back , that we realise that all this time a higher power has been guiding us.

    In everyones life a time comes, when we get a call. We can either stay and conform to the social rules and try to make everyone happy, or we can take a risk by preferring Allah[s.w.t] over social norms.

    We are living in hard times, out of 100,99 ways lead us to sin. Unfortunately the Muslim youth is not really concerned about all this.

    May Allah[s.w.t] save us all. Bless you sister for sharing this.

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