Why me….

The Indian Reverted Muslimah...

Another sleepless night for me. Another night to reflect upon myself, my aims, my life and my people. Why am I feeling so disconnected? I visited an old friend, Jasmine, who was in town with her family. I didn’t know how to meet them with my hijab on. A staunch Hindu family, Jasmine had told me that her parents wouldn’t be happy with this decision of mine. After thinking over it for a long time, I chose to wear my hijab under the pretext of feeling really cold! I had to lie. Yes, I sinned perhaps. I don’t know how long am I going to hide my faith. It is an unhappy feeling. Why does it seem so tough to be accepted as a revert? Why was I not born as a muslim? Wouldn’t life have been easier? Why me….

Why me? Don’t we ask that question so many times?…

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