Dear Future me

Dear future me
Hope you are alive reading this
Because if not then i guess you’ve already given up on me.

I’m a reminder , to remind you
Of the lessons youve learned from the past to now further guide you.

You’ve broken down
You’ve shead a lot of tears
You were about to lose it all
but no you still didn’t give you up and continued remaining strong.

So now future me, if you are facing all the troubles all over again
Know that you have already come across oceans and nothing can harm and shatter you again.

But lets just keep it all a side and take a look at all the memories you have made.
You once lived for people, completing and satisfying all their needs,
Till it hit you hard, how much you hated it and told yourself you can no longer plant these seeds.
You decided you leave it all,
stay away from the world
And learn where you truely belong.
You learned that, everyone is not evil dont cut connection from all
You remained true to yourself, spoke, acted and lived
By what you knew and felt was true.
No matter how alone and sad you might have felt, you opened your eyes and looked around the ones who have still reamined by you side, for them you never had to sacrifice your true being and you knew with them is where you belong.

You thought there were no different between everyone you came across,
yet with time you learned just because of a horrible past
does not mean you treat the present as a victum and create more scars.

So now im here to tell you, the ones who were good to you, dont give up on them.
They have remained with you through your hard times and now it is your turn to believe and offer them the hand of trust and tell them here you go, im still here because of my lesson.

So now dear future me, like how you have believed in me
Believe in others and let them see.
If you can come across safe, so can they. But just dont grow weak and think, let them be. Others can come across too.. but that will be the mistake you”ll be making
For all the lessons you have learned will just be called lessons, and you’ll never know the true meaning.

P.s i really dont know how many can understand what i mean behind this open.
But yes, as a believer im taugh to believe in the Quran, im also said that ill be facing qountless tests as long as i exist. There have been times where i have ran away from the truth from the bitter truth and never got the courage to face it. Till i learned i am given the guidance to make the right choises. so here is my avidice to my future self and you all. Do not give up on yourself or other if your main goal is reaching the truth. How often times we get sad thinking nothing can be fine, yet we forget that all you got to do is believe not just but believe in Allah that you’ll get through it . He is there always there, just dont forget. And i tried making this poem a bit witty but i have no idea how it turned so serious. Maybe next time ^_^


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