You blame religion I blame ignorance


#recallingmartyrsBefore anything we as a community need to come to terms with the idea behind coexistence
(Coexistence-To Exist in harmony despite different ideologies or interests)
We as humans have different aspects of life, religion, thoughts and so forth by expressing these ideologies we need to consider and appreciate that not everyone shares the specific thoughts as to you and I. We all also have our own logistics behind clarifying it.
By sharing your opinion you need to make sure that it will not contribute to unnecessary hate, cause conflict between groups or seem arrogant and inappropriate.
when listening to opinions we need to appreciate that an opinion will not change anything so starting flames is pointless, rather better to agree to disagree and shake in the name of respect.
When living in a multi faith/ multi cultural environment rather than making other residence of the area feel discomfort…

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