I’m Khadija

A woman granted with honour,
I was the 1st who stepped towards the path of Allah.
I believer in him, the most beloved messenger, for how blessed my life had become to be the 1st wife of Rasoolallah.
I was  never a miser nor was i greedy,  you see I gave up all my wealth in the way of Allah.
I lead the 1st prayer,  with the beloved, yet they still wonder who am I? 
Well, look no where, and learn about your Prophet (swa)
And through him you’ll see, i was his beloved Khadija.


One thought on “I’m Khadija

  1. She[r.a] believed in RasulAllah[s.a.w] when no one else did. Supported RasulAllah[s.a.w] in the time when whole Makkah had turned against.

    When Prophet Muhammad[s.a.w] came from the Cave Hira shaken with the first revelation and he said Zamilooni Zamilooni (Cover me Cover me) and when he[s.a.w] narrated the whole incident..It was Hazrat Khadija[r.a] who said Do not worry, you have never wronged anyone, you have always helped the widows and the orphans, you always stand with the oppressed and the weak!!…

    The most beloved of all the blessed wives.

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