Perfect Direction

A direction towards which you’ve chosen to turn me.
For others to be turned is all in you will.
A direction of truth, a direction of clarity.
A direction of such concern that you tell me how to have a clear soul with sincerity. 
A gift, a path, a way you have shown,
Where even my rock cold heart, you soften with mercy like pure water from the river gushing through the hardness of a stone.
You have sent the most beloved.
The kindest Prophet (swa) to this earth.
To teach me how, just how to live without giving hurt
but even then I lose my grip. I lose the definition of Human upon my own desire.
And you still forgive, telling me you are the most just and give me trials and test to perfect my soul just so i can  walk away from the hell fire.

I now understand, what happened in the planes of Karbala. Why did 72 with Hussain give of their lives to save this religion.
So much of pain, with so much of patience, the grandson of Muhammad bowed his head down in submission.
I wonder from where did they find so much of strength. I ask them how did it not shake their faith ?
They say it was beauty, it was love, it was loyalty, it was obedience,  it was blessings, it was sacrifice. And we accept it. For the path of Qiblah can be nothing but the truth.
Believing in Allah, has made our fragile heart content knowing we can never be alone. 
So it was our turn to prove the world this faith we hold is the purest of our goal.
I sit down on my praying mat. quite. With my head down in shame.
I learn that my mistakes are nothing but my desires game.
Why blame shaytan when evil I create within myself. 

I now hear the sound of azan, I stand up. I start my prayer.
I recite the world Sirat Al Mustakeem.  Realising how 17 times a day Allah calls me towards this path, reminding me ” You are never alone my dear”


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