Hussain inspires me to have faith

I just wonder how a man and his family could live 3 days without water and not lose their faith in Allah. 
As in if I take myself to be in the heat for so long, chances are ill either lose my mind, begin hallucinating, panicked or might as well lose my faith in God. But Hussain (as) didn’t. He remained content till the end. He left the world behind for the sake of Allah. Even when his head was cut off his heart leaned only and only towards Allah. Not once did he question what had he done to be here because he know, he believed in Allah so much that his decision can only lead to success.If loving, following and preaching Hussain (as)’s sacrifice can put atlest 5 percent of his character in me then I know for sure where I’m heading and I know I’ll never ever get my faith shaken again.

One thought on “Hussain inspires me to have faith

  1. Imam Hussayn[a.s] and Sayeda Zaynab[a.s] weren`t ordinary people. Born in the purest household, raised by the purest grand father[s.a.w] and purest parents.

    When we look at Karbala from the perspective of our levels of endurance, we undoubtedly come to a conclusion that it cannot be done. Indeed it is like you said sister, by going towards them Allah[s.w.t] purifies us. By remembering them, talking about them and struggling to walk upon their path our faith can only strengthen as what or whoever goes towards them, gets purified.

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