Saviour is Hussain

A thousand years ago, on the 10th of Muharam the grandson of Muhammad was killed.
His family never got a chance to moan
And were taken captives to the courtyard of Yazid the filth.

I’m not shocked when one celebrates the month of Muharam, and ignores the tragedy of Hussain.
For years ago, the enemies too celebrated, with music and coloured clothes when Zaynab’s veil was painfully taken.

I wonder when those who claim
‘I love Muhammad’
And shamelessly ignore his pain.
So tell me more about this love you boast.
For if the adhan still has the name of Muhammad
It was due to the sacrifice of Hussain.

If remembering the tragedy of this household makes me an unbeliever
Then I shall proudly claim yes I’m, for how can i even follow islam without remembering it’s saviour.


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