I wonder at those who say I got luckly
I wonder at those who say they are unlucky
Perhaps it time to reveal a story.

I suffered too, just like you.
I head heart aches too, perhaps I learned how to make it through.

It’s said that Allah doesn’t burden a soul more than it can take
And I for sure know the most Merciful will not hurt me for his sake.

He has created me, he knows me better
If I was given a trial, my heat ache caused me to obey him better.

Perhaps I will never know how much does he love me
For everytime I looked empty he said call upon me.

I remember the times I was lost deep in sadness, thinking wondering why do I deserve this
But now I look back and smile how he taught me to him i belong, and i am forever and only his.

It took me days, months and years to finally let go of humans who hurt me.
I no longer feel heavy, because I’ve embrases his blessings upon me.

So when you say I’m lucky. I really am not.
I just learned to obey him and accepted everything he put me upon.

I learned that it’s him I should depend
And not on humans who just pretend

I learned that even if its takes me down to tears and wars with others,
Never ever should I disobey him because his reward is much greater.

I now look upon the history of Hussain, who marched towards the land of karbala,
He was given signs and warnings from people but his dependence was only on Allah.

They ask me why did he not stop, why did he walk towards death
I turn around and say, how could he stop when he saw only Allah and not his death.

Through Hussain I learn. There is no such thing as luck
Through Hussain I learn its because of actions Allah blesses and tests his beloved.

I now end this story, telling you that Salwa was never luckly,
And you my friend can never be unlucky.
I ask you to just depend on Allah, listen to him and you will always remain happy.


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