Learn from Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa

-I wonder about this particular history
-When Satan the accursed tricked, Adam and Hawa out of their glory.
– He asked Adam to go towards that  forbidden tree and the Prophet declined saying  I shall not disobey the All mighty.
– The accursed then turned towards Hawa, asking her to do the same.
-With knowledge she disobyed making herself and Adam ashamed.

– I now wonder, how do we sin so easily
– When one just one sin of Adam and and Hawa brought them into such misery.

– What would we do, if for every sin commited our garments too were stripped away
– Would we then pay some heed and learn that with knowledge we should never disobey?

– Look around now, nothing of such has happened to us today
– Look above now, his mercy still exists and never ever leaves our way.


3 thoughts on “Learn from Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa

  1. I’m here from deviant art. Why don’t you post on instagram. You’ll be a rave hit. Shiaislamictraditions12 on Instagram

    1. Salam, may I know your name from daviant art? I’ll surely watch your page .
      Yes that would be great but I don’t have an account there. I already use too much of Facebook and daviant art. I think managing insta will get a bit difficult for me. But thank you for suggesting. You can share my poems of you like I don’t mind 🙂
      JazakAllah Kahayran

      1. Ws, I’m not on deviantart. I found your art work with the Traditions impressed on Images unique, because of the content being shared. Anyways good luck.

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