For a friend

You have been given something
Which is also given to all

But only you hold the key to it
Because you look past the wall.

What does it matter what title they give
When you posess something, which is envied by many, but only you can live.

I am sure you are wondering
Where this poem might lead
But just keep reading
Soon, happiness you will receive

This item you hold is not touched
It’s something you have created
And I cant help but notice it’s heavy worth.

For the key you hold, is called non other than your character
And when you open the door
You fill the room with kindness
I have never found on no other.

But if you ask me with lies in the centre
It’s this friendship you hold
With no hands, nor rope
But only with your honour.

So dear, doc never feel bad when you hear words which stamp upon your heart
Because you are my friend and no matter what you do, I’ll make sure you remember you an amazing star.


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