Out of the plan

Out of plan
I wish I had never stepped in
It feels so lost, so unreal

From many i was always told
In here,my happiness would unfold

But then it became my door
Full of misery, I cannot close

I know i cant, speak to my past
For if I ever could, I would ask
My old self, don’t ever fall for this trap

But now I am here, just like you
I am stuck in this fake world
Where I am remembered just for use.

I dont mind that, I really love listening
But I guess I am tried, this isn’t worth living.

I want to leave, I want to shut it close
But eveytime I am out, I am shown I have no where to go.

However, I still believe, I’ll find my safe heaven
And when I do, I’ll burn this bridge
In front of them, I’ll still be here
But my mind and soul, will be no where near.


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