Lesson from Hur

Lesson from Hur

-He Stopped the passage of water
Leaving hussain’s children, miserable with thirst.
-Being upset, the Imam said” I wish your mother had not given you birth”

-Hur had no answer, for even he knew who was the mother of Hussain
– In realization of her light, finally lead him to walk towards the road of Hussain

– With every step he takes, his vision towards God becomes clear
– The glow coming from this path, radiates bigger and brighter

– With shame he bows down his head, he requests
O Hussain please forgive me for this ultimate sin
– The Imam again said ” you are now free in this world and the hereafter” for you have chosen me over them, in the eyes of God, you were bound to win.

– And now for you and I, Hur’s action became a life’s lesson
– For even being an enemy, we can always chose to change and strive for God’s heaven.


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