Birth of Imam Hussain (as)

-From afar, In the land of madina, I hear the cradle of a little child.
– The angles rejoice at the Prophet’s joy, as the 2nd master of heaven has finally arrived.

– I then see, Zahra turn towards her father, and
– As she notices his Blessed face change in colour.
– She questions him, “O dear father, what is it that you fear?”

– He answers & explains the tragedy of Her child,
– She weeps asking, ”will there be no by his side?”
– “Shall Red really be, His blessed beard dyed..? ”

– I stop for a while, for further I am unable to write,
– With tears, I contemplate this deeply, in it’s every right

– As i suddenly hear, a beautiful sound, utter” There is no God but Allah”
– Following with ” And Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”

– This fills my heart and gives me strength
– I then grab my pen to finish this at length

– :The Adhaan you hear, was saved by none other than your Hussain
– Do you not see his sacrifice shall never ever go in vain”

-“For In every land, till the end,
– The name of Allah and his Prophet shall forever be heard,
– So Worry not, my beloved daughter”, as he smiles back at her Hussain,

– They now ask me, why does it matter, if he is remembred or not,
– What has he done, what has he saved and against who has he fought?

– I answer, by asking, tell me to which lord would you prostrate ?
– How would you follow Allah, while His Prophet’s name you have erased ?

– How else do I answer other than this
– , I worship God for His sake as this belief Will never cease , 
– For without Him, We’d never understand Allah and He’s beloved Religion of Peace.

Edited and helped by Shafiq Fazel. Do check his poems from


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