Who loves God more ?

Once a false rumour suddenly occurred
Stating, Muhammad has been murdered

In the land of Ohud, some companions panicked,
Calming what point was this battle, without Muhammad.

Was it the fear of death, that made them scared
Or was it meeting their lord empty handed?

In Karbala, Hussain offered his companions to leave
Yet they still remained, for this life was not in their need

While Hussain was alive, they gave up their lives
Protecting him,  for their reward in heaven resides

For the ones who truly understood and loved their lord
Never feared death, and were anxious to meet their God.

When one group was too scared, while the other was too anxious
It tells me how one claims their love, while the other shows it in actions.
So now ask yourself, do you just claim, or does your action show your love for God?
For finding Him, isn’t easy, you have to give him a handful, even if it means giving blood.


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