Who was Imam Ali (as) – Biographic poem

Biographic Poem of Imam Ali (as)

A thousand times, I was told
what’s so special about Ali?
I thousand times I replied,
find me one black dot on Ali?

You could not show a single
prove against his character
isn’t that enough, for him to
be best man after the messenger?

With this poetry, let me
tell you who was Ali
For I ask you nothing,
but to read carefully



He took his birth inside the
pure house called the Kabah
The first to see him was none
other than RasoolAllah

A voice, inside the Kabah, asked
his mother to name him ‘Ali’
For Allah alone knew, who after
Muhammad was his Wali

He was taught, raised, fed and loved
by the Prophet Muhammad
like a baby camel followed his
mother, Ali too followed his commands



For 10 years, under the noble
company of the Prophet
Ali’s bond became inseparable
to Mustafa’s like a magnet

By the command of Allah, in the
4th year of Muhammad’s mission
He announced he was the Prophet
of Allah, the best of all creation

An invitation towards Islam was
sent to Muhammad’s relatives
3 times he asked do they believe
him as Allah’s witness



None, had stood up, while
others created distress
in disliking this, Ali shouted,
I believe you oh my Prophet

Ali was declared the successor,
father of all eleven
While others in jealousy,
did not accept him as the chosen

As his wife, he was gifted the
Queen of both worlds, lady Fatima
For the angles rejoiced, singing,
Zahra only belonged to Murtada


In Uhud, supporter and the
right hand of the Prophet
When others ran Imam Ali
remained and defended

He was asked why did he not
flee just like the rest
I belong to Muhammad’s
promise to Allah he had kept

Wounded the mouth and
alone the Prophet was left
Ali and Zahra were the only
company who came to his aid
In Khandaq, the challenging
hero of the enemies stood
Scared and frightened none
went against Amr b. Abd Wudd

Except Ali, in his early youth,
stepped forward with dignity
Praised the Prophet’ Complete
faith has gone against complete infidelity’

Won Ali, and Amr’s sister praised,
who was it that caused Amr’s death
She knew, anyone except Ali, would
have stolen all of Amr’S wealth



Lost their fight, the jews of Khayber
against the holy Prophet
The came back again stronger and
better to kill Muslims and Muhammad

Suffering from headache, the
Prophet had sent 2 of his men
who did nothing but turned back
and were unsuccessful to further defend
In Disappointed by this
huge failure he said
‘Tomorrow my flag will
be held by my beloved’


Anxious with curiosity
the others waited
Who was this ‘beloved’
that Muhammad Praised
It was none but Ali, the
hero of all previous wars
With sore eyes, unable to
look around, Ali accepted
The blessed saliva of Prophet,
healed his sore eyes
And he fought till submission
was gained by Ali from the Jews


Fallen by Ali’s sword, they knocked
him and ran away with his shield
Enraged became Ali and with one
hand he made the iron gate his shield

Claimed by Abu Rafe, that with 7
men the gate could not be carried
Amazed remained the world, how
with one hand Ali could succeed

Victorious was Ali and with open
arms, the Prophet greeted
For if he praised Ali more, the
dust of his feet would be worshipped


To which the Prophet said’ Ali
is from me and I am from him
Just as Aron was unto Moses
and Moses was unto him

Nearest to the Prophet would
be Ali in the day of judgement
For it was not just flesh or inherent,
But Ali’s soul was of Ahmad’s

In happiness, Ali shed down tears,
and right after that battle
He was named, the ‘Lion of God’
the best of Ahmed’s example


Surrounding the Kabah, were the
worshipped idols of the Arabs
The Prophet announced, while pointing
his staff to the God’s of the pagans

‘Truth has come and
falsehood has vanished’
Sat on the Prophet’s should,
Ali broke the idols

By the Prophet, Ali was asked’ how
did it feel to sit on my shoulder?’
Responded, his beloved’’ It was as
if I had reached the highest of heaven’s’’

Holding up a divine duty of destroying
the idols was done by his cousin
For Ali sitting on his shoulder was
to him carrying a divine revelation


Between the land of Makkah and
Tayef, the land of Hunain was situated
in dislike to the Prophet, and his religion,
at Hunain the enemies gathered

Once again, like Badr, panicked and
ran away some companions
Leaving Muhammad alone, did
they not just leave this religion?

40 out of 70 the enemies had
fallen by the brave Ali’s sword
He regrouped the panicked army
and won another battle of his lord


Down came the revelation
of Surah Baraat
To which the Prophet
asked Ali to start

For no one after him had the
right to speak of revelation
Except the chosen successor
from his lineage, an exception

Ali explained to the people, be not
around the Kabah’s without garments
Break no promise and with a wicked
heart do not perform this pilgrimage


Invited were the people of Najraan
by the Prophet to accept islam
Revealed were the verses from Surah Imran,
when it was asked what was Jesus in islam?

‘Just like Adam and others,
Jesus was made with dust’
‘He was a Prophet of God,
now accept islam if you must’



The answer of Prophet Muhammad,
did not please the Christians
By Mubahila they were channelled,
to show the truth by his descendants

Along with Muhammad, stood Ali,
Fatima, Hasan and Husayn
Overwhelmed, for the 5 radiant
light was enough as their lesson

They withdrawer from the
challenge of Mubahila
and came down to proper
terms and conditions

the people of Yamen of Join islam
Until Ali was sent by the Prophet and
within a day, they convinced to join islam
gave in the land of Yamen
Every word he said, created
a beautiful impression
but to show who was his lord
And undoubtedly, just like Ahmed,
spread the words of his God

Ahmed sensed the nearness of his end
He prepared for his farewell Pilgrimage
and asked Ali to also attend

Returned Ali from Yamen and
embraced the Holy Prophet
For he had taken upon the vow
to perform this same event

Completed were the rites of the
Pilgrimage and Prophet said his farewell
He gave everything he was asked by his
lord for the people to enter heaven


While leaving Makkah to Madina,
he realized his final mission
the most important of them all,
after him who was in succession?

For after him, who would be able
to continue his divine guidance
It could be none but Ali who
represented God in his absence

From his birth, to every
lesson, mission and battle
he remained with the Prophet
condemning against evil


Arriving at Ghadir-e-Khum, a verse
from Surah Ma’idah was revealed
to announce his final successor,
was told to the Prophet by Gabriel

Motioned towards Bilal, he
asked him to recite in the Azan
Hayya Ala Khair Il’amal (hasten
towards the best of deeds)

Pulled his reins, the Prophet
along with everyone stopped
With Ali on his right, he declared
the successor of his lord


For in Ali, he put his entire faith and
from Ali he received every support
From the very first declaration of Islam,
Ali believed while by others a liar he was called

The Prophet, left behind the
Quran and his Ahlulbayt
for they were inseparable,
and one could never be betrayed

Inseparable is heaven
from the holy five
Following their footsteps
is my obligatory right.

Said a loud the Prophet
Holding Ali’s hand high
‘Whosoever’s leader I am;
Ali is their leader after I die’

Announcing it thrice, the Prophet
declared Ali as his successor
Congratulating Ali first was none
other than Zahra’s oppressor

To the people, asked the
Prophet one last time
Was he not clear in delivering
his message this time?

Agreed they said, verily they
heard his final sermon
Yet the world still cover’s Ali’s
leadership from heaven


After the death of Muhammad (swaa):


Muhammad’s final second had now ticked
the clock, and he returned, back to his lord
Oppression was now faced by his family,
out of mercy they denied using their sword.

To defend Ali, Zahra spoke, to change
their hearts, chances she showed
Darkened with greed remained their
souls, and in tears, her pain echoed.

The year of sadness came, with Ali,
everywhere, this pain would follow
Lost not just Mustafa, but Zahra
in the same year of deep hollow.



Lady Zahra’s final words:

This world full of misery,
she would finally leave
She promised Ali, her
last vows to dearly keep.

She asked him, to not allow this
separation  to dishearten him for long,
For had to remain strong and save
this religion from every wrong

Happiness fills her heart, for
soon she would meet her father,
From troubles, she separates,
and now flows free like water.

Yet het heart, is still in pain, she
ask’s Ali to marry once again
Explaining, after her, only her
cares deeply for her children.


With a heavy heart, he buried
her under the ground,
Her painful martyrdom was
silenced, without a sound


More than just a servant,
became Lady Fiza’s holy status
She became Zahra’s first
daughter, due to her obedience.





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