I found through God through Ali

In search of God I find no one
and trace the lineage of Ali
For I find that Qiblah of the
Kabah was changed after Ali

The house build by Ibrahim was
not always directed as the Qibla
for this direction was followed
just like the Jews towards Al-Aqsa

Commanded was Muhammad, to change
this direction towards the Kabah
None but Khadija and Ali followed him to
be the first to prostrate towards the Kabah

I then trace the lineage of those
who left Muhammad alone in battles
I find nothing but hated, murder,
ignorance and worship of Idols
So now tell me, how do
I list him number four
When God himself placed
him in his household

Through Ali, I find the purity
of Prophet Muhammad’s religion
for if I were to follow others I would
be soulless with robotic prostration

When Khadija and Ali were the first
to bow their heads towards the Kabah
then why should I go elsewhere,
when I trace Ali I am brought towards Allah.


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