Lonely in Karbala

12/10/2016  – Lonely in Karbala


Asked the lonely grandson of Muhammad
‘ to aid me is there anyone, come forward’
came to assist him were none, and instead
with a thousand arrows his body they showered

Sacrificed were all his companions,
looking down at him from the heavens
wishing they too could come back once
again to aid their master of heaven

But Husayn’s call was not just
for those in the land of Karbala
it’s for you, I and everyone
who has recited ‘ Ila Ilaha Ilalah’

To never stop fighting against
injustice and oppression
was the ultimate message
of Hussain’s mission.

And even if you are left alone,
just like he was on the tenth
Remember, God from above
is watching you in every step
For what more could this world
do, but take away your body
your character remains till the
end, just like Husaain ibn Ali


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