Remember me

Mistaken this term is
often by many
That God saves
those he wills only


Sadly you have forgotten
who is the All mighty
I ask you now to sit
down and read my poetry


Lost can be no one
for Allah loves us all
And he sends none to
hell for he is merciful of all

Hell is something you and
I with our actions choose
for he has given us laws
just so our souls we don’t abuse


When he says he is all
giving; why do you not see
the solution to your misery
can be solved with one plea


For show me a system,
better than his
The more we obey
we more reward he gives


Thought it may be difficult,
to turn away from harm
but once you achieve it,
you glow like a charm


In many TV- shows, books,
or news- papers
if mentioned your name,
you feel higher and better


But what if, someone
incomparable to those above
mentions your name while
you mention the only beloved


What level of status, unknowingly
would you then achieve?
For doesn’t he say, ‘Remember me’
and he remember you and me


For one call to him and
always mentions me
Why would I chose hell
when with me is the All mighty.



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