Hussain’s mission


After the death of the son of
the liver eating woman
who ruled over the Muslim’s
for years in oppression

Appointed now by himself,
Yazid stood to be the leader
And another generation’s lives
were now under an oppressor


Whoever, would speak defending the
teachings of Mustafa were executed,
For the basic morals of Human beings
were about to be greatly wounded.

In the call of prayer, a drunk, a miser,
a filthy man’s name was about to be added
How could Hussain, allow, his grandfather’s
sacrifice for this religion to be abandoned.

Hussain was begged by Yazid,
to give him allegiance,
make the master of sins,
a leader of Muhamad’s message.


Don’t you see, it was not for himself
Husayn gave away his head
but for all of mankind, just so the
echoes of humanity could still be kept.


I send my Salutation to the lonely master of Karbala


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