Lesson from the people of Nuh (as)

As a carpenter was known
to be his profession
at age 800, a Prophet
by Allah he was chosen.


To his people for 300 years he
tried to bring them to guidance
Yet, they rejected and called him
a mad man out of ignorance.


Upset, he became and decided to
curse them to hell, his entire nation.
Requested the angles, again and
again to postponed his declaration.


‘Bore fruits’, his people
were commanded,
for salvation to them
would be provided.


Few remained with their belief, while
others lost their faith, due to delay
of their prayers, they felt, upon God,
the unseen, why must they relay?


But those who believed, despite
the delay of their prayers
Now passed the test, as the
righteous followers of their leader.


And so they entered, the Ark of Salvation,
saved from God’s domination and truly
rewarded much more than acceptance,
with an entrance to Lord’s heaven.


You see now, if it were not for
blind faith, and just emotion
we too, would have been
condemned without realization.


So worry not, ever, speaking HIS
named saved Nuh, from the storm
Believe in him, no matter whatever
trials you’ve been put upon.



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