Tragedy of Muslim Bin Aqeel

Invited by the people of Kufa,
for asking Hussain to arrive
saying they need an imam,
as they felt Islam wouldn’t survive.

Trusted by Hussain was
his cousin, Muslim bin Aqeel
He sent him to see the situation,
Kufa’s people had currently been


With his two sons, Muhammad
and Ibrahhim, leaving,
Madina to Kufa, unware, their
death would be soon waiting.


Reported back to the Imam,
Muslim confirmed their loyalty
Thousands gave their allegiance
to Hussain, yet some hid falsely


Among the people were
spies of Yazid, waiting to kill
Muslim and his children, for
their worldly desires, to fulfil


And so one false, coward follower,
sundered Muslim bin Aqeel
Trying to leave Kufa, Muslim and
his children found every exit sealed


More than 50 thousand solders
of Ibn Ziyad, dragged Muslim’s body
demanding it to be thrown down
from the roof top, mercilessly.


At his final moment, Muslim bin
Aqeel, was asked about his last wish,
1st a simple burial, he wanted, yet his
body was thrown down like rubbish


And the 2nd he wished, for his Imam
to never enter this ruthless city
until his last breath he wanted
to protect his Muhammad’s legacy.


His children too hid in a household
of a childless, generous lady
but her husband wanted a reward
from this world’s most miserly


He heard the cries of the Ibrahim and
Muhammad, Muslim’s innocent sons
Chopped their heads, distancing himself
from heaven, in the hereafter was all he won.



Fatima Sugrah, the ill daughter of hussain


He took his final farewell, from
his Grandfather and mother
he took his entire family, but
left in Madina, his ill daughter.
Patience of Zahra, from which
Sugrah was named by Hussain
Before leaving Madina, he asked
her to act upon this holy name.

As their steps left the household, she
prayed for them to safely come home
but, she was unknown, how from one city
to another her father’s head would roam.


Time passed by, each month, until
Muharram came, she grew restless
To quench her thirst one night, she
heard the cries of her family, oppress.


Slayed were the family of Muhammad,
together, each body was trampled upon
And far away from Karbala, in Madina,
Sugrah’s soul was too slowly crushed upon.


Remained Human while humanity was tortured to death.

As a new born, the words
in praise his only lord
From Muhammad’s
voice, Husain was told


Instilled into his soul, to
obey the best creator
And blessed with the best
of creation to be his teacher


And Ali, his father for whom
giving up was never an answer
to Fatima, a Queen who taught
how to be a compassionate leader


From Hussain’s first breath his family knew
the journey of his stand until his tragic death
But never once did they lose hope in their lord,
for the ultimate truth their vision always held.


And with such heavy trials, in this
world, this household had lead
they taught, that even when alone,
without God you are never left


For they gave everything,
from the only piece of bread
to their beloved son and
grandson’s holy head.


To this religion and its teachings
where no other books, read
to remain human, even when
humanity was tortured to death


Lonely in Karbala

12/10/2016  – Lonely in Karbala


Asked the lonely grandson of Muhammad
‘ to aid me is there anyone, come forward’
came to assist him were none, and instead
with a thousand arrows his body they showered

Sacrificed were all his companions,
looking down at him from the heavens
wishing they too could come back once
again to aid their master of heaven

But Husayn’s call was not just
for those in the land of Karbala
it’s for you, I and everyone
who has recited ‘ Ila Ilaha Ilalah’

To never stop fighting against
injustice and oppression
was the ultimate message
of Hussain’s mission.

And even if you are left alone,
just like he was on the tenth
Remember, God from above
is watching you in every step
For what more could this world
do, but take away your body
your character remains till the
end, just like Husaain ibn Ali

Longer Prostration for Hussain

Beloved to him was Hussain,
for whom Mustafa never lifted
his head from his prostration

At his one request as a little child,
Muhammad got down on his knees
just so he could be Hussain’s horse ride

But now they use horses to kick his chest
he trembles back and forth without any rest
And to attend Salah, they murder him in haste

I ask you now, O enemies of Hussain
With such haste that you killed him,
to which lord are you rushing for prostration

Wasn’t Muhammad the
one to teach you this religion
Yet you betray him and his
lord by killing his grandson

When the best of creation
would slow down his prayer
just so Hussain could play on
top of his back a little longer

How could you then
butcher his beloved family
and separate this holy
religion from humanity

The accursed Satan did not prostrate to
Adam, and was sent out of heaven
Yet, O Yazid your people with prostration
have lost every last reason to be forgiven


Hidden Purity

From my sight her grave Is hidden,
I search for the mother of eleven.

I see the pages of history burned,
For until now, many have not understood her worth.

I question my lord, show me just once where is Fatima,
He gifts me with trials to read his book and remember her sons till akhira.

I now understand, why do i not see her.
For the Queen of heavens, always remain hideen.
And only the ones who search for purity are able find her.

I no longer question, why the 12th is is also hidden,
For just like his mother, If I walk the path of purity, I’ll find my master.

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