The House of Griefs


With words she shook, the throne of the
misguided one, who took away her rights
She made the 1st feel guilty of his actions,
once again of guidance she shed the light.


Indeed, bad company, is a dark, bloodied stain
which is often very difficult to be removed,
Against Zahra’s right stood the 2nd, and tore
the agreement the 1st signed and approved.


From her child being miscarried, to her
rights from her father forcefully denied
Next to baqi, she complained to Mustafa,
for her misfortunes, all day and night.


Complained the men of Madina, to Ali,
due to Zahra’s cries, none could sleep
He build for Zahra, a house to weep
Next to Baqi, he named’ The house of griefs’


She requested Bilal, to once again
read Ahmad’s call to prayer
Hearing her father’s name,
she fell unconscious, in tears.


She spoke now, in the language of
tears, known once as red rose,
she began to wither, slowly, upon
her death, she now stood close.


Honour Killing 

​-Lives are taken, by the fake call of ‘honouring’

it was a tragedy indeed, for no one deserves murdering
Don’t  comment on who they were, or what did they deserved

They are no longer here and speaking ill won’t get you an award
But this recent story, grabbed human attention

Voices were raised, against those dark hearted creation
-It makes me happy, to know humanity still exists

but may I ask you, why is Zahra’s tragedy still a myth

Tell me why were the books of history torn and  burned

Did she not deserve a voice, wasn’t she the daughter of Muhammad?
Why do you hide, curse and fight

when I mention where is Zahra’s right
From heaven’s she was sent, 

even purity was shy from her scent
-But still along with her child, her life was taken

Behind the burning door, her tragedy too was kept hidden 
I now ask those who say, without a doubt no lives of Human

Be it men, women, or children should be taken in God’s name
But what about the pure Queen of heaven, 

why do you silence me when I mentioned her and her eleven?
-So before you say you stand strong against humanity

I ask you, for once turn your heart towards Baqi
Build again the walls you have taken down out of ignorance 

Read and learn, who have you avoided before the Mehdi’s appearance 
For just once, if you try your best to  know 

It was Muslims, who hurt Zahra at Muhammad’s home

May be then no lives would be taken in the name of honour

If only you stood against the right of your Prophet’s daughter

Sakina’s prayer, Abbas fulfills

-Years ago, with her hands raised
She prayed for her uncle’s return,
He promised her, he would bring water, but got killed by the oppressors.

-For she too had promised the children around her,
That no matter what, her uncle Abbas will bring them water.

-In grief, Abbas was ashamed
For he could not fulfill, the little child’s request.
But now I see, millions around his shrine, without a doubt, accepting their request.

– It now makes me realize, the prayer of Sakina was indeed accepted
Since she raised her hands, with believing faith, towards her beloved.

– In return, for her sake, Abbas accepts anyone’s call
And makes sure his Lord accepts without fail and fulfills them all.

Lesson from Hur

Lesson from Hur

-He Stopped the passage of water
Leaving hussain’s children, miserable with thirst.
-Being upset, the Imam said” I wish your mother had not given you birth”

-Hur had no answer, for even he knew who was the mother of Hussain
– In realization of her light, finally lead him to walk towards the road of Hussain

– With every step he takes, his vision towards God becomes clear
– The glow coming from this path, radiates bigger and brighter

– With shame he bows down his head, he requests
O Hussain please forgive me for this ultimate sin
– The Imam again said ” you are now free in this world and the hereafter” for you have chosen me over them, in the eyes of God, you were bound to win.

– And now for you and I, Hur’s action became a life’s lesson
– For even being an enemy, we can always chose to change and strive for God’s heaven.

Hidden Purity

From my sight her grave Is hidden,
I search for the mother of eleven.

I see the pages of history burned,
For until now, many have not understood her worth.

I question my lord, show me just once where is Fatima,
He gifts me with trials to read his book and remember her sons till akhira.

I now understand, why do i not see her.
For the Queen of heavens, always remain hideen.
And only the ones who search for purity are able find her.

I no longer question, why the 12th is is also hidden,
For just like his mother, If I walk the path of purity, I’ll find my master.

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Out of the plan

Out of plan
I wish I had never stepped in
It feels so lost, so unreal

From many i was always told
In here,my happiness would unfold

But then it became my door
Full of misery, I cannot close

I know i cant, speak to my past
For if I ever could, I would ask
My old self, don’t ever fall for this trap

But now I am here, just like you
I am stuck in this fake world
Where I am remembered just for use.

I dont mind that, I really love listening
But I guess I am tried, this isn’t worth living.

I want to leave, I want to shut it close
But eveytime I am out, I am shown I have no where to go.

However, I still believe, I’ll find my safe heaven
And when I do, I’ll burn this bridge
In front of them, I’ll still be here
But my mind and soul, will be no where near.

What Zaynab’s eye witnessed

-Words can never do justice of what these eyes have witnessed,
-for it’s by the will of God, how my sight still exists.
-I watched the burning door fall upon my mother
-leaving her with broken ribs, weeping, longing for her father…
-I silently sat there watching her pass by,
-I watched the one who could carry the door of khayber,
shaking to bury the Messenger of God’s daughter.
– These eyes then had to witness the loss of her Father,
– The struck of Ibn muljim separated this beloved daughter
  from God’s bravest warrior.
– But even that wasn’t enough for these eyes,
for it then witnessed Hassan coughing out blood
– The change of his skin, screamed
it’s farewell from my this brother..
– Then finally the time came, where not just one. But my entire family was snatched away from me.
– The innocent bodies of Aun O Muhammad, cries, mother we have given everything for your brother
– My nephew Ali Akbar smiles, aunty I defended your brother
– My Abbas, with no hands, hides his face, forgive me for I couldn’t get Sakina water.
– I look around, in all directions, until my eyes caught the sight
of the knife on the neck of Aba Abdillah
– I fall down, touching the soils of Karbala
– My heart then reminds me, ‘You are from holy lineage, show the world,
how Hussain’s blood won over their Gold
-I then stand up straight to look at the sky, I say I am Zaynab, with eyes filled with
tragedy, I saw nothing but the beauty of My lord.