Shine for Imam Mahdi (as)



Like the Sun I want to rise,
bright in front of your sight.
Sacrificing for the good, I try
to never dim away my light.

For you, I speak against the
wrong and defend what’s right.
And you secure my soul,
form any darkness to ignites.

I fear, this light, before you arrive, with my
every fibre, I continuously try to obtain.
But due to my sins, might lose its shine,
tarnishing me into pieces, once again.

Yet I know, you’ve raised me to glare
against every cloud and thunder
I plead, approve me as your own
and come back as my just leader.


The weight of Blood over Gold

Yazid ‘spoke’ from his throne
To whomever that accepts him He will fill their lives with Gold
Hussain ‘sacrificed’ his blood
And showed to this unjust world
Even without a shroud
Look around O people, Hussain proved
It’s not the gold but the weight of
his blood won in the sight of God

The White Cloth

White as pearl, a cloth that covers my body head to toe,
They blame me I’m sinful and this is just a show.

Well hear me out now, for this is a story untold.
And even after this, you fail to understand, than I don’t know what humanity you possess to hold.

Chained due the tragedy of circumstances, by the hands of the devil.
If I deny to sell what I have, there will be no survival.

For hunger, for living. For the sake of paying
off the debts my late mother was unable of giving. 

I gave and they took,
not even once had anyone asked in what thunder my heart would shook

But a day came,
It was time I took the stand for a change.
I ran away, away from that hell.
I found a job where my body was no longer for sale. 

I served at a restaurant, leaving my past behind.
I often wonder, what religion I would be of if only my mother wasn’t happiness deprived.

And then a day came, a man, a Muslim asked me for my name
We exchanged basic information and with a smile I received happiness again.

He would talk to me often, make sure our physical distance was kept afar
From what all I noticed, I saw how he would never miss and offer his prayers from different hour to hour.

Through him I decided, to learn more about Islam
for him, I learned to cover my head, and not reveal my skin to the world of harm.

I accepted, I accepted his religion for in it purity I found.
I was now a new convert whose past sins were forgiven and didn’t matter what hell my life had once sound.

Then a blessing a beautiful day came,
He asked me for my hand, and vowed to be mine with his name.
It was as if my night mare was finally over.
My prince had finally come down as a blessing to change my life forever.

I was now married, for 3 years with a son. Never did I ever complain what my husband’s family had in demand.
I was out of hell, I had a family, I believed in Allah, what more can this servant ever want.

But the tragedy didn’t end there. He invited a friend in for dinner one day.
I noticed a familiar look, till it took a while to realize his friend was once my client back in those days.
A lightning creeped through me, I quickly went back into my room weeping.
I begged and begged Allah, please let his friend reveal nothing of my past sinning.
‘’Please hide my faults, Oh dear lord please help me’’, she cried out in her ambulation,
I laid my praying met, crying, sobbing in prostration.

But it was too late, he had told him everything.
Saying, you wife is just doing a show
for her past holds her identity of being a hoe.

In anger he rushed in. I stood pale putting my hand’s pressure on the wall.
deep down, I believe he would forgive me, for it was circumstance that made me lock up inside the jar.

‘He is a good man, he prays, he fasts.
He is man of God why would he not forgive me
for never have I ever betrayed since he brought me to his house’

I was wrong, he accused me of my purity, he said how long would I last
3,4 or 5 years? He said I was always a prostitute and marrying me would keep a disgrace in his cast.

He said I married for money, for status, for fame, because that’s all my type can ever want
I denied saying no, don’t compare me of what I’m not with my past
I’ve changed, I’m a Muslim! And I’ve never disobeyed any of your commands.
Look deep into me, whatever happened is now behind me
Look deep into me, for now you won’t find a single fault within me.

He gave no heed, the man I’ve ever loved walked away with my only child.
I watched him leave with a heavy heart, I could just weep and never repair the damaged caused.

I moved away from the city, I didn’t want to live in such misery.
I began becoming an active member in the Islamic center, where no one would ask about my past and leave me as I desired.

For 5 year I was content, accepting whatever my God had gifted,
Till a lady walks up to me saying she thinks I’m perfect for her to be wed with.

But how could I say yes.. while I was still in love with my first?
I sat down wondering…They say Allah is the keeper of all hearts
it may be that he might instill love in my heart for this man like my last.
They say all others love is subject to change but only one love is constant and that is the love of God.

I took a deep breath, I left this situation in the hands of my lord.
I finally met the man, and I revealed my past present and all that my life had brought.

He didn’t judge, he didn’t yell, he was clam and understood what circumstances my life had played.
He wasn’t like my 1st, he wasn’t rich, nor educated.
He was semi-literate, he was poor, and he was nothing but a vegetable seller.
Being double my age he was Generous to a fault, humble and self-sacrificing, he was perfection in most respectful manner.

Years passed by, He and I never complained of the trails Allah had brought forth.
What more could I desire, acceptance and elevation in my lord’s sight
left me with no sadness in my heart.

And now, im in my death bed. Allah had decided to call me towards him.
I think of my past, from what I was and where have I reached, how much I’ve lost and how much better was I gifted by him.

I learned that, there are many in this world who beat the drum of religion only to impress others
Yet when it comes to observing the real value – Kindness, forgiveness, compassion and charity there are none.
But I, out of millions around the world was gifted the one.

Just like how in the Quran it says ‘’ What comes to you of good is from Allah, but what comes to you of evil (O man) is from yourself (4:79)

Indeed the good people Allah gave me was from his own will
he said be and it was and I was blessed to in his gracious will.

Now let me tell you, the white as pearl cloth I wore head to toe was my sign of purity from Allah
So tell me who are you? Just who are you, made of mud to disagree with Allah?

Ps: It took me an entire night to write this poem, I know it is super long but I had to let it out.
The reference are taken Obviously from the Quran, and a book by Umera Ahmed called ‘’La Hasil’

Comments on her Beauty

Comments on her beauty

She was sent down here, which was gifted,
none only from the Al mighty the greatest.

The more she grew, the more she saw.
How height, weight and size was a matter for all.

How one tried to be stick thin like Barbie from TV
While starving herself, pleasing everyone around who were never worthy.
She was then repeatedly told.
By the ones she thought were her close.
Of how ugly she has grown and how filthy she was shown.
She didn’t knew how to react, she didn’t knew she had to change.

She thought she was born free,
Then why all the comments on her beauty.

Have they forgotten I’m not their prisoner?
Why should I lose my weight, stay away from my food

Change the way I look
for those who never understood?

Why do you not see, I have soul inside of me
It hurts me so much, yet you continue to crush my heart
Do you not see, I was like this from the start?

She thought she was born free,
Then why the comment on her beauty?

She began, to cut, she began to change,
and she starved herself, until she cried to bed.

What happens next
they were still not pleased?

They wanted her to change further.
It was beauty 1st, but now the target was her character.

She was asked to dress different,
Show more skin and grab more attention.

Remove the scarf, change the top
Colour your hair, and hang out with the nasty lot.

She then thought wait, why, why shall I disobey my lord?
I changed for them once, now I’m being pulled away from my lord?

They never helped her achieve no self-satisfaction
they wanted her to lose her dignity
and turn into a walking meat, with no humanity.

Feel loved, only by seeking attention,
Get called beauty, only through outer reflection.
Create filthy thoughts in men with nasty intention.

She then said NO!
I won’t further change!

What have you even given me? But misery and pain
yet you have the audacity to pull me away from my lord

Who has given me everything! A heart, mind, soul a beauty whose worth none can ever dominate upon!

He, my beloved, my Almighty, my protecting friend
has blessed me with love,
yet you change the meaning saying lust is above his love?

She then returned back to her lord, asking him,
O believe, forgive me, for I was blinded by the fools of this world.
Who could never understand your worth, how would they understand mine.

She never listened to no one but her own,
She knew now what was right and how wrong she was once

She stopped those actions, she moved away from those people
she was left alone but she knew her lord was with her too.

She covered herself, she began to look into life with a different view,
how humans, manipulate a mind
And walk with so much pride
yet forget, they are just made of mud like you and I.

she was ever so happy, content and pleased
By the choice she has now made.

So now tell me, how dare you comment on my beauty
the one from outside and inside my Allah gave?