Fear Of the saviour



You seized the rights of
Allah, given of your leader
From his family you snatched
away every sip of water.


Without a sword, he showed you all to
abstain bloodshed and enter God’s path
But instead you killed him and gained
the Most Merciful’s worst wrath


I am not surprised why do
you forbid his mourning,
Just as you denied him
water, you deny us grieving.


How do we stop, knowingly,
that our lives are always at risk
For only through Hussain, in this
land human rights still exists


You see, we try to change, and
to change we need to live
For our leader’s return every
sacrifice, we are willing to give.


Just like Muhammad, Mahdi too
will be a mercy to mankind
He will show, how God- from
your dark soul’s, you’ve denied.


I now know, it’s not hate, against
my pure school of thought
It’s fear, for as believers you’d
be exposed, as an enemy of God




Lady Masuma, Qum

​- In search for the grave of lady Zahra,

 I wonder when will I be directed to her 

– But my direction takes another turn leading me to go find the personality of lady Masuma.

– Far away from the land of Madina, she is burried in Qum, the known daughter of imam Musa. 
– Imam Ridah, her only brother praises, ” Visiting Masuma is like visiting me’ 

– From 2 holy imam’s she is guided.

– How much blessed can her status be?
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