Fear Of the saviour



You seized the rights of
Allah, given of your leader
From his family you snatched
away every sip of water.


Without a sword, he showed you all to
abstain bloodshed and enter God’s path
But instead you killed him and gained
the Most Merciful’s worst wrath


I am not surprised why do
you forbid his mourning,
Just as you denied him
water, you deny us grieving.


How do we stop, knowingly,
that our lives are always at risk
For only through Hussain, in this
land human rights still exists


You see, we try to change, and
to change we need to live
For our leader’s return every
sacrifice, we are willing to give.


Just like Muhammad, Mahdi too
will be a mercy to mankind
He will show, how God- from
your dark soul’s, you’ve denied.


I now know, it’s not hate, against
my pure school of thought
It’s fear, for as believers you’d
be exposed, as an enemy of God



Permission of Zahra

To enter Lady Fatima’s household,
for the soul of Prophet Muhammad
the angle of death, asked her permission,
before, accepting this very command.

That even after being
ordered directly by Allah,
The angle knew, he couldn’t
accept, without Fatima.

Yet, isn’t it strange, how those
who claimed to be gifted heaven
Were the ones, who took Zahra’s
rights without any hesitation.

When the soul of the best creation,
never departed until Zahra had let go
Can you call him ‘righteous’? when
she said ‘no, I am Zahra’ and he said ‘So?’

Burned was her door, and our
Queen fell hopelessly on the floor,
crushed with a nail, upon her ribs,
she lost her innocent, unborn.


Light from Zahra to Mehdi, disappear

Created she was for people, to show
the world of His (swt)’s merciful might
brought to earth was Zahra (sa), hidden
from eyes but brighter than any light

Upon the night of ascension to heaven,
on the 5th year of Muhammad’s mission
Was the same year, Allah sent Fatima to
show she was truly a purity from heaven


Foolish were the women of Quarysh,
when Khadija held Zahra in her womb
Criticizing the marriage of herself and
Mustafa, they left her misunderstood


But God’s plan was indeed very different
from them all, left alone was Khadija
And for her service Allah sent 4 pure
women of heaven, to deliver Zahra


And finally Zahra, in this land for the first
time when she opened her eyes
left Mustafa, in praise of his Lord,
granting him this beautiful surprise.


Before leaving any trip, without his farewell
to Zahra, Muhammad wouldn’t leave,
and soon from her separation, her husband
& children would drown in great grieve.


A light of purity was attacked with fire,
to dim away from the truth due to greed
Guidance was denied to her oppressors, for
Mustafa’s beloved they had caused to bleed.


Somewhere beneath the sand of Jannat Al Baqi,
Zahra awaits for her son to once again reappear.
Yet to avenge her death, due to our sins, Mehdi’s
light of guidance from our eyes until now disappear.


Actions Speaks louder – A poem on Prophet Muhammad (swaa)


Rejected was his noble
teachings by many
called by derogatory
names he was by majority

Yet when you look into
his life he never gave up
for he believed in himself
first and his lord above

He created a reputation
of honesty and loyalty
which lead Khadija, to
trust him wholeheartedly

Never was he seen or known of
cheating, lying, hurting or betraying
for he proved with his actions the
definition of how to live as a being

With kindness, compassion
and utmost generosity
He taught mankind
the message of All mighty

Embodied with perfection he was
gifted to us from the very beginning
40 years without his noble status
he created a world worth living.

He removed, racism, selfishness, arguments
and rituals of every baby girl’s burying.
Never did he force others to pray, cover
and condemn those from the non-believing

For knowing your lord, you
need to know yourself, first
and how will you find God,
when your soul, non can trust.

So why is it that, we, with our lips
always mention God’s the great
while with action, we hurt, abuse,
condemn and Islam we degrade

Why do you not, question yourself,
fix your actions and then speak of God
Isn’t that what Muhammad did, first with
actions, then declared who is his lord.

Muharram 1438

I see an injured man lay on
the ground without his head,
through murder they thought
in erasing his name they would succeed
Stripped were the rights to give
him a single shroud was taken.
and they robbed him from
the ring Mustafa had given

Yet, this man whose own blood
alone covered him as his shroud
For this very blood belonged to Muhammad
and wrapped with purity his body was found
The land of Karbala was now
covered with this shroud
For the pure blood of Muhammad
sunk within its sand

And this sand became a cure
for God’s every creation
Verily the spilling blood of Husayn
created this land to be a visiting obligation

I ask about those who
denied him water
For now they have
deprived themselves of kawther

Have they forgotten whose
beloved grandson is Al Hussain
He is the grandson of the
one who ascended the heavens.

Have they forgotten, whose
beloved son is Al Hussain?
his father be the man who’s one
strike is worth more than the 7 heavens
To search for Muharram I find no
need to look for the moon
For the land of Karbala will
turn red out of grief soon
For the moon of Muhammad
was eclipsed in his own blood
the Euphrates dried whilst the
desert was filled with blood

This was the sacrifice
of Mustafa’s household
For without them, God’s
message would not be told
They were created for us
to understand who is our Lord
and they gave away everything
for the Allah’s noble cause.

‘ A poem written with the help of Ahmad Husayn, an aspiring poet. Kindly visit his profile to find more create pieces: https://www.facebook.com/ahmadhusayn14?fref=ts

I found through God through Ali

In search of God I find no one
and trace the lineage of Ali
For I find that Qiblah of the
Kabah was changed after Ali

The house build by Ibrahim was
not always directed as the Qibla
for this direction was followed
just like the Jews towards Al-Aqsa

Commanded was Muhammad, to change
this direction towards the Kabah
None but Khadija and Ali followed him to
be the first to prostrate towards the Kabah

I then trace the lineage of those
who left Muhammad alone in battles
I find nothing but hated, murder,
ignorance and worship of Idols
So now tell me, how do
I list him number four
When God himself placed
him in his household

Through Ali, I find the purity
of Prophet Muhammad’s religion
for if I were to follow others I would
be soulless with robotic prostration

When Khadija and Ali were the first
to bow their heads towards the Kabah
then why should I go elsewhere,
when I trace Ali I am brought towards Allah.

Birth of Imam Hussain (as)

-From afar, In the land of madina, I hear the cradle of a little child.
– The angles rejoice at the Prophet’s joy, as the 2nd master of heaven has finally arrived.

– I then see, Zahra turn towards her father, and
– As she notices his Blessed face change in colour.
– She questions him, “O dear father, what is it that you fear?”

– He answers & explains the tragedy of Her child,
– She weeps asking, ”will there be no by his side?”
– “Shall Red really be, His blessed beard dyed..? ”

– I stop for a while, for further I am unable to write,
– With tears, I contemplate this deeply, in it’s every right

– As i suddenly hear, a beautiful sound, utter” There is no God but Allah”
– Following with ” And Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”

– This fills my heart and gives me strength
– I then grab my pen to finish this at length

– :The Adhaan you hear, was saved by none other than your Hussain
– Do you not see his sacrifice shall never ever go in vain”

-“For In every land, till the end,
– The name of Allah and his Prophet shall forever be heard,
– So Worry not, my beloved daughter”, as he smiles back at her Hussain,

– They now ask me, why does it matter, if he is remembred or not,
– What has he done, what has he saved and against who has he fought?

– I answer, by asking, tell me to which lord would you prostrate ?
– How would you follow Allah, while His Prophet’s name you have erased ?

– How else do I answer other than this
– , I worship God for His sake as this belief Will never cease , 
– For without Him, We’d never understand Allah and He’s beloved Religion of Peace.

Edited and helped by Shafiq Fazel. Do check his poems from https://m.facebook.com/Poets-of-Hussain-as-1016302128462956/