Abbas protects the proof of God

In Karbala, both of his
hands were unjustly taken
For in return, 2 wings were
gifted to him in heaven.
I now understand why was Hazrat
Abbas given something so high
He protected the proof of God,
with every pain and every cry.


With no vision, within his heart
he saw God in his every action
Yet with clear sight, the poof of
God, from us remains hidden.


Remained Human while humanity was tortured to death.

As a new born, the words
in praise his only lord
From Muhammad’s
voice, Husain was told


Instilled into his soul, to
obey the best creator
And blessed with the best
of creation to be his teacher


And Ali, his father for whom
giving up was never an answer
to Fatima, a Queen who taught
how to be a compassionate leader


From Hussain’s first breath his family knew
the journey of his stand until his tragic death
But never once did they lose hope in their lord,
for the ultimate truth their vision always held.


And with such heavy trials, in this
world, this household had lead
they taught, that even when alone,
without God you are never left


For they gave everything,
from the only piece of bread
to their beloved son and
grandson’s holy head.


To this religion and its teachings
where no other books, read
to remain human, even when
humanity was tortured to death


Sakina’s prayer, Abbas fulfills

-Years ago, with her hands raised
She prayed for her uncle’s return,
He promised her, he would bring water, but got killed by the oppressors.

-For she too had promised the children around her,
That no matter what, her uncle Abbas will bring them water.

-In grief, Abbas was ashamed
For he could not fulfill, the little child’s request.
But now I see, millions around his shrine, without a doubt, accepting their request.

– It now makes me realize, the prayer of Sakina was indeed accepted
Since she raised her hands, with believing faith, towards her beloved.

– In return, for her sake, Abbas accepts anyone’s call
And makes sure his Lord accepts without fail and fulfills them all.

Where have you gone

-I see a shadow beneath the door
I watch the tyrant making his approach
-I scream out O Father, where have you gone
-For the ummah you had taught have forgotten on whose house had they set fire upon.
-The rights of All, they have now stolen
– Leaving me behind the door with my ribs broken.

Why did you hurt Zahra

What was my fault
That you kill my child
What was Ali’s fault
That you take away his rights.

Was I not the daughter of Muhammad
The holy messenger of the beloved?

– Was i not known to be the mistress of paradise
How will you now face my father
When you have hurted the purity from Paradise

– I shall now depart from this world soon
Leaving my orphans, Hasan, Hussain, Zaybab and Umme kulthoom

– But remember oh tyrants of my time
To speak of my tragedy my followers will always fight.

-And no matter how brutally you try to wipe them off from this earth
Remember I am Zahra, daughter of Muhammad
– From heavens I shall  always pray for them, for they alone understood my worth.


She is alone in Sham

-The 40th is finally near,
The family of Muhammad prepares to moun over the martyrs

But the dearest of Hussain isn’t able to mourn over her father.

-She is caged under the prison in sham
She cries “O brother Sajjad, do not      leave me I’m all alone in sham”