When Alone, would you be like Ali?



Alone in worship, day and
night he would remain
For alone, your souls,
one day will also be taken.


He showed the world, the master of his
and every creation is only Allah.
While his isolation with God was
feared, he remained firm in his Salah.


Ibn Mujlim, sought a deep desire
to marry a woman, as a condition
Accepted would be his proposed,
if completed Ali’s assassination.


While Ali remained lost in
prayer, conversing with his Lord
Like a coward, attacked ibn Muljim
poisoning Ali with his sword.


In this sacred month
of forgiveness, ibn Muljim
For the sake of his desires,
betrayed this religion.


I wonder, are you and I
any different than him..
Before you put desires
above God, think again.


When alone, would you be like Ali,
lost in his Lord’s remembrance..
Or like his killer, lost in fulfillment
of desires- chosen to be forsaken.




Learn from Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa

-I wonder about this particular history
-When Satan the accursed tricked, Adam and Hawa out of their glory.
– He asked Adam to go towards that  forbidden tree and the Prophet declined saying  I shall not disobey the All mighty.
– The accursed then turned towards Hawa, asking her to do the same.
-With knowledge she disobyed making herself and Adam ashamed.

– I now wonder, how do we sin so easily
– When one just one sin of Adam and and Hawa brought them into such misery.

– What would we do, if for every sin commited our garments too were stripped away
– Would we then pay some heed and learn that with knowledge we should never disobey?

– Look around now, nothing of such has happened to us today
– Look above now, his mercy still exists and never ever leaves our way.

Ahlulbayt from Prophet Adam (as)

-From the blessed heavens above
-The Angles were asked to prostrate towards Adam, a creation of the beloved
– Everyone prostrated, except Iblis the accrused

– Dont you see?  How Adam was the carrier of the Ahlulbayt ?
– For iblise’s pride made him lose his entire faith.

– I now ask the ones who never think twice before speaking against this holy house hold
– What is the different between you and the accursed who the all mighty warned us of ?