Abbas protects the proof of God

In Karbala, both of his
hands were unjustly taken
For in return, 2 wings were
gifted to him in heaven.
I now understand why was Hazrat
Abbas given something so high
He protected the proof of God,
with every pain and every cry.


With no vision, within his heart
he saw God in his every action
Yet with clear sight, the poof of
God, from us remains hidden.


Sakina’s prayer, Abbas fulfills

-Years ago, with her hands raised
She prayed for her uncle’s return,
He promised her, he would bring water, but got killed by the oppressors.

-For she too had promised the children around her,
That no matter what, her uncle Abbas will bring them water.

-In grief, Abbas was ashamed
For he could not fulfill, the little child’s request.
But now I see, millions around his shrine, without a doubt, accepting their request.

– It now makes me realize, the prayer of Sakina was indeed accepted
Since she raised her hands, with believing faith, towards her beloved.

– In return, for her sake, Abbas accepts anyone’s call
And makes sure his Lord accepts without fail and fulfills them all.

I’m Zaybab

I am the Grand-daughter of the one who
was sent as a mercy to all of man-kind.
I am the daughter of the one who is the
Chief Mistress of all woman in Paradise.

My father was known to be
the soul of Muhammad,
My brothers were sacrificed
to save this religion of the beloved.

By snatching my veil, O Yazid what
made you think my words would shut,
For look back O Yazid and see whose
lineage you have mistaken to hurt.

I am Zaynab, who is being dragged
with chains in the ally of Sham,
I am Zaynab, whose heart hasn’t
given up in the religion of Islam.

It is because of you, O Zaynab,
Sajjad’s life was spared,
For if Sajjad’ s life was taken,
without his written supplication
I would never knew the lord of heaven

Through Zaynab I learn that women
too can shake a tyrant’s throne,
Through Zaynab I learn that even by
being oppressed, to believe my lord is
with me in every step when I’m all alone.