Prophet Hud’s faith in God



The tribe of Ad, lived in a
beautiful, flourishing land
Granted by God, blessed
with rich grains and sand.

When Hud, came to show, who
was the creator of this beauty,
They rejected his words, and
attacked the Prophet for his duty.

Flourished never again their
once beautiful, healthy land
Prevented was rain, a wrath
was sent by God’s command.

Hud himself, worked in
agricultural and in the fields
And even from his own crops,
rain for many years was shield.

In desperation, his nation begged
him to pray to his Lord again
To allow rain fall over their lands,
and success to once more, obtain.

Accepted was the prayer to God by Prophet Hud,
Who was their giver, the nation finally understood.
For the mischiefs, upon them wraths still stood
Upon calamities, the believers, still stayed Good.


I wonder how foolish
were Hud’s lost nation,
Like Muhammad’s,
decline from submission.


When the giver of blessings, wants
us to learn, why is he so, very kind
To obey him, for our benefit, not
his, protection for the soul, we find.


From this selfish world, which stains
my good, I can happily turn away
For the giver of everything, if I submit,
will protect me every single day.


When due to his nation, Hud
faced the very same adversity
He never left God, his obedience,
showed this faith’s, clarity.



What Zaynab’s eye witnessed

-Words can never do justice of what these eyes have witnessed,
-for it’s by the will of God, how my sight still exists.
-I watched the burning door fall upon my mother
-leaving her with broken ribs, weeping, longing for her father…
-I silently sat there watching her pass by,
-I watched the one who could carry the door of khayber,
shaking to bury the Messenger of God’s daughter.
– These eyes then had to witness the loss of her Father,
– The struck of Ibn muljim separated this beloved daughter
  from God’s bravest warrior.
– But even that wasn’t enough for these eyes,
for it then witnessed Hassan coughing out blood
– The change of his skin, screamed
it’s farewell from my this brother..
– Then finally the time came, where not just one. But my entire family was snatched away from me.
– The innocent bodies of Aun O Muhammad, cries, mother we have given everything for your brother
– My nephew Ali Akbar smiles, aunty I defended your brother
– My Abbas, with no hands, hides his face, forgive me for I couldn’t get Sakina water.
– I look around, in all directions, until my eyes caught the sight
of the knife on the neck of Aba Abdillah
– I fall down, touching the soils of Karbala
– My heart then reminds me, ‘You are from holy lineage, show the world,
how Hussain’s blood won over their Gold
-I then stand up straight to look at the sky, I say I am Zaynab, with eyes filled with
tragedy, I saw nothing but the beauty of My lord.

Comments on her Beauty

Comments on her beauty

She was sent down here, which was gifted,
none only from the Al mighty the greatest.

The more she grew, the more she saw.
How height, weight and size was a matter for all.

How one tried to be stick thin like Barbie from TV
While starving herself, pleasing everyone around who were never worthy.
She was then repeatedly told.
By the ones she thought were her close.
Of how ugly she has grown and how filthy she was shown.
She didn’t knew how to react, she didn’t knew she had to change.

She thought she was born free,
Then why all the comments on her beauty.

Have they forgotten I’m not their prisoner?
Why should I lose my weight, stay away from my food

Change the way I look
for those who never understood?

Why do you not see, I have soul inside of me
It hurts me so much, yet you continue to crush my heart
Do you not see, I was like this from the start?

She thought she was born free,
Then why the comment on her beauty?

She began, to cut, she began to change,
and she starved herself, until she cried to bed.

What happens next
they were still not pleased?

They wanted her to change further.
It was beauty 1st, but now the target was her character.

She was asked to dress different,
Show more skin and grab more attention.

Remove the scarf, change the top
Colour your hair, and hang out with the nasty lot.

She then thought wait, why, why shall I disobey my lord?
I changed for them once, now I’m being pulled away from my lord?

They never helped her achieve no self-satisfaction
they wanted her to lose her dignity
and turn into a walking meat, with no humanity.

Feel loved, only by seeking attention,
Get called beauty, only through outer reflection.
Create filthy thoughts in men with nasty intention.

She then said NO!
I won’t further change!

What have you even given me? But misery and pain
yet you have the audacity to pull me away from my lord

Who has given me everything! A heart, mind, soul a beauty whose worth none can ever dominate upon!

He, my beloved, my Almighty, my protecting friend
has blessed me with love,
yet you change the meaning saying lust is above his love?

She then returned back to her lord, asking him,
O believe, forgive me, for I was blinded by the fools of this world.
Who could never understand your worth, how would they understand mine.

She never listened to no one but her own,
She knew now what was right and how wrong she was once

She stopped those actions, she moved away from those people
she was left alone but she knew her lord was with her too.

She covered herself, she began to look into life with a different view,
how humans, manipulate a mind
And walk with so much pride
yet forget, they are just made of mud like you and I.

she was ever so happy, content and pleased
By the choice she has now made.

So now tell me, how dare you comment on my beauty
the one from outside and inside my Allah gave?