I’m Zaybab

I am the Grand-daughter of the one who
was sent as a mercy to all of man-kind.
I am the daughter of the one who is the
Chief Mistress of all woman in Paradise.

My father was known to be
the soul of Muhammad,
My brothers were sacrificed
to save this religion of the beloved.

By snatching my veil, O Yazid what
made you think my words would shut,
For look back O Yazid and see whose
lineage you have mistaken to hurt.

I am Zaynab, who is being dragged
with chains in the ally of Sham,
I am Zaynab, whose heart hasn’t
given up in the religion of Islam.

It is because of you, O Zaynab,
Sajjad’s life was spared,
For if Sajjad’ s life was taken,
without his written supplication
I would never knew the lord of heaven

Through Zaynab I learn that women
too can shake a tyrant’s throne,
Through Zaynab I learn that even by
being oppressed, to believe my lord is
with me in every step when I’m all alone.


Zaynab’s face

I know a face which reflects an undying pain
The same face also reflects courage, strength and a mighty gain.
The face had witnessed her brothers, nephews and children slaughtered in cold blood
Yet when she was asked what do you see? She said’ I see nothing but the beauty of my beloved’

Her veil was removed, revealing her holy face
Yet that torture was not enough and she was made to parade in an ally of nasty gaze.
She kept weeping for her veil to be returned
But they returned nothing and hit her with chains instead.

I now sit and wonder, why are the women of my generation so lost?
They claim they are weak and strength can never be found at any cost.

I ask them look at Zaynab, the granddaughter of Muhammad
Had lost everything yet in her heart remained the faith of her beloved.

So now if you call yourself a woman and allow men to oppress your worth.
Then remember Zaynab, who without a sword brought back the Islam you and I both claim to be our enough.
For Zaynab and I worship the same God. If she finds beauty in her tragedy,
Then who am I to complain my life is unfair, yet her was a beauty.

I know better

I waited this long
To feel this special feeling of all
To have her in my arms and say my world is complete for my love has been has finally been born.
9 months of pain
9 months of carrying
I have got you here now
Oh what a worth waiting.
A smile that glows
On your face i see
My world stops for a while
When i know you are mine and u only came from me.
No other can owe you. No other can love you
You are a blessing from the lord
A blessing just for me
I taught you how to speak
I taugh you how to walk
I taugh you how to talk
With your countless mistakes i never left you for all your faults.
A perfection i see, which no other might
Would you ever understand if i tell you all i have sacrificed.
But a day comes to meeting, when you enter home, you say you have found someone
Who promises to love you and remain with you all life long.
I ask her who is it? Why dont you tell me more.
Show me what he is like
Will he be perfect for my dearest of my sight?
I listen to her, i watch the glow in her face, of how happpy she was
And how much my heart mealts to see that look of her just once.
I see him in person, but i don’t like him for certain.
My hearts says no, he cannot take care of my destest
I tell her, i try to say you deserve better.
She says no you are wrong!
You dont love me, nor see my happiness, you are selfish and she shuts the door
A tear under my eyelash.. As i see her lash away.

Did i not give you all, what was my mistake when your best is i have ever longed
You push me away, you move away
Was my love so cheap that you see nothing
For loving you was the greatest part of my living.
You replace me for him, you hate me for him. You disrespect me for him.
So show me would he remain with you once you show who you are
And not who you try to be for him?

Days, months and years passed by.
The glow on your face disappear and tell you good bye.
You are far away from me, yet so close to him
Do you know how much it hurts me to see you in pain all because of him.

You cry, and lie to yourself and become something which you are not.
How do i make you understand, you were perfect the way your lord gave you to me
You have lost your self and i have lost my preciour part of me.

A night arrives again, when you come knocking at my door
I see you covered in tears and ask you whats wrong.
You say he hurted you, so much that the pain wont go.
I ask you to come back to me
And i’ll show you, you were always worth more.

– We go through a lot of struggles and arguments when it comes to our parents. They might even at times say very harshful stuff but never ever throw us away, or leave us alone.
So remember, prerhaps we my not get it now but they always and always want our best and dont want any of us to repeat the mistakes they have once done
After all the Prophet was asked, ‘Who?’

And he replied ”You mother”
”Your mother”
”Your Mother”
”Your father’


A birth she takes in the form of a girl
A blessing from Allah
In the form of love.
She spoke and ate,
She laughed and cried
With time to time she grew
In this world with all her pride.
But here is a change
She is forced to take
To live under the impression
Her dearest family gave.
They say a girl has no worth compared to a son
Have they forgotten she is a blessing sent from the only one ?
They scream and hit
Till she loses her hope
They say you are a daughter, a mistake and should be given no goal.
She is forced to stay indoor,
socialize with non since ur a magnet to shame
For you are just a girl and thats all you gain.
She breaks down and cries, wishing it would stop
Less did she know that the one above is watching from top.
He says “Call upon me and ill respond”
She decides to take a knive to cut her wist
To create a scar and feel the worst of what she is.
With the pain build inside
She takes the knive
pointing the edge towards
the wist in her right.
But hold on she stops!
What made her freez ?
She notices a book
Full of pages in green.
It reads as “Al Quran” and a heart best she feels.
For its the book which says “Read me and I shal be a cure to your needs.