The House of Griefs


With words she shook, the throne of the
misguided one, who took away her rights
She made the 1st feel guilty of his actions,
once again of guidance she shed the light.


Indeed, bad company, is a dark, bloodied stain
which is often very difficult to be removed,
Against Zahra’s right stood the 2nd, and tore
the agreement the 1st signed and approved.


From her child being miscarried, to her
rights from her father forcefully denied
Next to baqi, she complained to Mustafa,
for her misfortunes, all day and night.


Complained the men of Madina, to Ali,
due to Zahra’s cries, none could sleep
He build for Zahra, a house to weep
Next to Baqi, he named’ The house of griefs’


She requested Bilal, to once again
read Ahmad’s call to prayer
Hearing her father’s name,
she fell unconscious, in tears.


She spoke now, in the language of
tears, known once as red rose,
she began to wither, slowly, upon
her death, she now stood close.


The Tragedy of Zahra

Sleepless she became, from her
separation of her beloved father
Motives had changed and gates
were shut on Mustafa’s daughter.


A sorrow so great, that I wonder
how could the earth not tremble?
The world left dim, while paradise
rejoiced Muhammad’s arrival.


But now his household, was
a grave target of oppression
Revealing, after Muhammad,
their true, dark intention.


Commanded a slave, despite her
presence, to set the holy house on fire,
‘Fatima is in there!’ said a man, ‘So what!’
was the oppressors inhuman answer.


Kicked was the door, behind which Fatima
stood to protect her appointed Imam
They caused her to miscarry Mohsin, she
blead, crying ‘why do you cause us harm?’


Hidden was her grave, from those opposed
injustices upon her and God’s chosen leader
‘Forgiven’ one says, how? while after her,
her children too suffered like no other.


Light from Zahra to Mehdi, disappear

Created she was for people, to show
the world of His (swt)’s merciful might
brought to earth was Zahra (sa), hidden
from eyes but brighter than any light

Upon the night of ascension to heaven,
on the 5th year of Muhammad’s mission
Was the same year, Allah sent Fatima to
show she was truly a purity from heaven


Foolish were the women of Quarysh,
when Khadija held Zahra in her womb
Criticizing the marriage of herself and
Mustafa, they left her misunderstood


But God’s plan was indeed very different
from them all, left alone was Khadija
And for her service Allah sent 4 pure
women of heaven, to deliver Zahra


And finally Zahra, in this land for the first
time when she opened her eyes
left Mustafa, in praise of his Lord,
granting him this beautiful surprise.


Before leaving any trip, without his farewell
to Zahra, Muhammad wouldn’t leave,
and soon from her separation, her husband
& children would drown in great grieve.


A light of purity was attacked with fire,
to dim away from the truth due to greed
Guidance was denied to her oppressors, for
Mustafa’s beloved they had caused to bleed.


Somewhere beneath the sand of Jannat Al Baqi,
Zahra awaits for her son to once again reappear.
Yet to avenge her death, due to our sins, Mehdi’s
light of guidance from our eyes until now disappear.


I cry farewell oh My Beloved

-I cry farewell oh my beloved
How do i burry you under this sand

-You will no longer be in front of my sight
How do i now stay alone and survive

– The 5th year of Muhammad’s mission
The year when he was taken on his Ascension
Was the same year Allah sent you to earth from the blessed heavens.

– How foolish were the women of Quraysh when Khadija held you in her womb
They criticized her marriage with your father and left her alone, misunderstood.

– But God’s plan was indeed very different
For during your birth when everyone left
he sent 4 women of high status at your service.

– My beloved, Zahra you then opened your eyes
– The Prophet’s joy left him praising God with this surprise.

– In every trip the Prophet would not leave without bidding farewell to you Zahra
– How do i now bid you farewell for I am your Ali, O Fatima.

– When the courageous men couldn’t defend Muhammad against Abu Jahil and his supporters
– You, at a young age shook them with your words and defended you father.

– Once in a calamity, when you heard the news of your father had broken his tooth
You ran from the land of Madina, to wash his face and comfort him in the battle of Uhud.

– I watched your love and attachment grow towards your father
– For that was one of the many reasons I was chosen as your suitor

– From the heavens above, Gibrial announced
The cousin of God’s dearest messenger
-is to be wed with his most precious daughter.

– With happiness I came at your door
– To ask for your hand, and take you as mine once and for all

– Shayness of red, colored my face
And the messenger of God understood my case.

– Your silence was an acceptance for my proposal
-I then stipulated my armor as a dowry and took you as my wife, the daughter of God’s best creation.

– With such high status, as your dowry Gibrail asked what would you like to have in your possession.
– You declined them all and chose to be an intercession for this very nation.

– 9 years had passed, just like your father you too stood with me with every trials and tribulations.

– And now the time had finally come,
The messenger of God was now departing from this world.

– Sadness and grief touched your pure soul and no one understood what was the cause
– Such sufferings had fallen which made even your bright days into dark, gloomy storms.

– To save my rights as the successor you defended me in front of the door.
– The hearts of the oppressors were so darkened that they never thought on who did they throw the burning door upon.

– With broken ribs, you remained silent
Yet this much was not enough and your rights of fadak was taken.

– I now lay you down under this sand
With tears in my eyes I feel the broken ribs upon my hand.

– I hear Hasan, Husain, Zaynab and Kulthoom weep on the floor
-I now have to comfort them all alone
– My dearest Zahra, i ask how do i do this on my own?

– With a heavy heart, I burry your holy body under this land
– I bid you farewell my dearest Zahra, for even after my death I won’t be with you in this holy land.

Why did you hurt Zahra

What was my fault
That you kill my child
What was Ali’s fault
That you take away his rights.

Was I not the daughter of Muhammad
The holy messenger of the beloved?

– Was i not known to be the mistress of paradise
How will you now face my father
When you have hurted the purity from Paradise

– I shall now depart from this world soon
Leaving my orphans, Hasan, Hussain, Zaybab and Umme kulthoom

– But remember oh tyrants of my time
To speak of my tragedy my followers will always fight.

-And no matter how brutally you try to wipe them off from this earth
Remember I am Zahra, daughter of Muhammad
– From heavens I shall  always pray for them, for they alone understood my worth.