Prophet Hud’s faith in God



The tribe of Ad, lived in a
beautiful, flourishing land
Granted by God, blessed
with rich grains and sand.

When Hud, came to show, who
was the creator of this beauty,
They rejected his words, and
attacked the Prophet for his duty.

Flourished never again their
once beautiful, healthy land
Prevented was rain, a wrath
was sent by God’s command.

Hud himself, worked in
agricultural and in the fields
And even from his own crops,
rain for many years was shield.

In desperation, his nation begged
him to pray to his Lord again
To allow rain fall over their lands,
and success to once more, obtain.

Accepted was the prayer to God by Prophet Hud,
Who was their giver, the nation finally understood.
For the mischiefs, upon them wraths still stood
Upon calamities, the believers, still stayed Good.


I wonder how foolish
were Hud’s lost nation,
Like Muhammad’s,
decline from submission.


When the giver of blessings, wants
us to learn, why is he so, very kind
To obey him, for our benefit, not
his, protection for the soul, we find.


From this selfish world, which stains
my good, I can happily turn away
For the giver of everything, if I submit,
will protect me every single day.


When due to his nation, Hud
faced the very same adversity
He never left God, his obedience,
showed this faith’s, clarity.


Hussain inspires me to have faith

I just wonder how a man and his family could live 3 days without water and not lose their faith in Allah. 
As in if I take myself to be in the heat for so long, chances are ill either lose my mind, begin hallucinating, panicked or might as well lose my faith in God. But Hussain (as) didn’t. He remained content till the end. He left the world behind for the sake of Allah. Even when his head was cut off his heart leaned only and only towards Allah. Not once did he question what had he done to be here because he know, he believed in Allah so much that his decision can only lead to success.If loving, following and preaching Hussain (as)’s sacrifice can put atlest 5 percent of his character in me then I know for sure where I’m heading and I know I’ll never ever get my faith shaken again.