14 Masumeen names | Arabic Calligraphy

Simple 14 masumeen version


Honoring the Mother of Ali

I wonder about this lady, who
until her death was praised
Known as ‘my second mother’
Mustafa, repeatedly claimed.

From the loss of his father,
mother and grandfather
Ali’s mother, took care of
Ahmad, unlike any other.

She nurtured Muhammad, and
fed him before her own children
While being poor, she understood
the worth of Ahmad’s mission.

I am not longer surprised, why was the birth
of Ali inside the Kabah so easily granted
For a lady, who honoured the Prophet of
God, in return of her service, she was gifted.

She proved her obedience to Allah,
and he chose her as the mother of Ali
For by her actions, God has shown me,
what is the reward of loving this family.


Who was Imam Muhammad Baqir – Walidat


A unique star among the 14,
purified by our ‘giving’ Lord
Known as Baqir, the 5th
Imam, ‘gifted’ to us by God
His mother was the
daughter of Hasan
While his father was
the son of Hussain.

Both masters of the youth
of paradise, connected,
to Muhammad Baqir, as
their actions he reflected.

Predicted it was by Muhammad,
years later, among his lineage,
a child holding his name, would
proclaim superiority in knowledge.

Commanded was Jabir Al Ansari,
to give Baqir, Mustafa’s salutations
Not just in features, but as a leader
Baqir, had lead Muhammad’s nation.


Trapped inside the sealed rock of
untruth, remained the ‘truth’ hidden
It called for help and Baqir, slip the
untruth’s trap, letting truth open.

I now understood why the Imam was
known as ‘the splitter of knowledge’
to follow, this ‘gift’ sent by my lord,
I dismissed all to follow his passage




A birth she takes in the form of a girl
A blessing from Allah
In the form of love.
She spoke and ate,
She laughed and cried
With time to time she grew
In this world with all her pride.
But here is a change
She is forced to take
To live under the impression
Her dearest family gave.
They say a girl has no worth compared to a son
Have they forgotten she is a blessing sent from the only one ?
They scream and hit
Till she loses her hope
They say you are a daughter, a mistake and should be given no goal.
She is forced to stay indoor,
socialize with non since ur a magnet to shame
For you are just a girl and thats all you gain.
She breaks down and cries, wishing it would stop
Less did she know that the one above is watching from top.
He says “Call upon me and ill respond”
She decides to take a knive to cut her wist
To create a scar and feel the worst of what she is.
With the pain build inside
She takes the knive
pointing the edge towards
the wist in her right.
But hold on she stops!
What made her freez ?
She notices a book
Full of pages in green.
It reads as “Al Quran” and a heart best she feels.
For its the book which says “Read me and I shal be a cure to your needs.