Melancholies of Salwa

Awake so early in the morning

And have to go through all the things I literally hate

All the studying, cleaning, eating and sleeping.

Again and again what bores me daily?

Just keeps repeating.

But wait! Wouldn’t it be great?

To deactivate your Facebook, twitter and so on

Dump your cell phone somewhere

So that no one would call.

Make sure you are all alone

Just as you always wanted to be

You dress up, pack your things

Jump into a car not knowing

Where you are heading

Yet have this little feeling of mixed emotions

Happy, excited and lost in my own minds messed up actions.

Find an awesome place

Where I’m a new face

No one here knows my story

Nor do I plan to tell any


I’ll never know

Here is a short story I’m about to say
Walking down the street, slightly windy,
A soft breeze running through my face
And I tell myself oh what a beautiful day.

I look around Noticing strangers
Some look happy with huge bright smiles
Other look gloomy lost in their own sad lives.

I stop right there asking myself the gloomy ones are they just like me ? Are their minds as messed up as mine? What if it’s not? What if its worse? How do they survive? I’ll never know.

I start walking again I notice a smiling little child Climbing on his father’s shoulder With a huge bright smile

I stop right there again Thinking, how the little child has nothing to worry about How everything seems amusing to him Yet he has no clue that this cruel world might turn up one day at him too.

When the child finally grown facing this world’s hardship will he look back and remember his bright smile? Or will it be just a happy forgotten memory Like yours and mines? I’ll never know.