Faith cannot be spread using a sword

In the era of darkness, a radiant
light from the heavens, took birth,
With his actions not just words,
he guided humans to self-worth.


He taught them, who was their
lord, the most merciful of all,
despite our sins, if sincere, we
can be forgiven before we fall.


We are often told, no matter
what, to always fear our Lord,
‘To hell’ one is condemned,
before God’s judgement is called.


But you see, Hussain, just like
Muhammad, didn’t force religion,
For faith which has reached the
heart can never hurt any creation.


I now understand, why in Karbala
Hussain never used his sword,
He sacrifice his family and him-
self, to save the faith of his Lord.


So, hold on to this very faith, which
was sent to cure every heart ache
Be cautions, in the name of religion,
never force anyone, to hopelessly break.


Prophet Muhammad isn’t just ours

-124,000 Prophets were sent to this earth from God
To either a village, a family, or a huge tribe and prove an existance of their Lord

– But none were sent to an entire nation, like Muhammad who was sent as a mercy to all of man kind

-Don’t you see, Prophet Muhammad isn’t just for the Muslims.
He is yours too, if only you open your hearts to understand how much he had sacrificed to perfect the religion of his God.

Let go

The time has come for me to leave
for I have chosen a path through which to my lord it shall lead.
I stand up strong and take a deep long breath
I walk along, wondering about my past i have left.

I know I can’t turn back
I know I can’t stop
The world has pushed me to this
For their I don’t belong.

I tried to fix, i tried to get along
I tried to please the creator’s best creation of all.

I loved and cared, I hoped and dared
but I lost it all when they could no longer be fare.

So I began to think
where has my happiness gone?
Why do I not feel complete
what is it with me which is wrong?

I made them smile, i made them happy, i wished for their best
yet they were the ones to break me.

I could not mend, i cried instead
I could not accept. That all of it had end.

But then a light, shines towards me
my lord from above said follow my path and come towards me.

My time stops there. I look behind and I look ahead.
Shall i turn around and try my luck once more instead
or walk towards his call
and never ever regret?

A call comes again, come to me, I’ll mend,
for I’ve created you
and no other can help.

I continue with my path
I walk along
I have no other choice
But to love him once and for all.

I learned my lesson
I learned my mistakes
No one can ever complete
Like my lord always.

I know this path
can never be easy
I know he will test me
wherever my steps be.

But I know for sure
if I trust him through all
He won’t let me down
and help me along.

So here I’m, at his door step
asking him, forgive me
for I’ve always avoided his presence.

He is All Merciful
He is all giving
He has given my more than I ever started wishing.

So keep me strong
Oh my dear lord
for I might lose you again
I’ll lose you once and for all.

Why do I care ?

Why does this care hurt so much
When that silence stings a sorrowful touch

Yet I chose to go back
Throwing myself into that same sack

I continue to believe, love and care
While I always have a strong feeling that this will soon dispare

I come down to this question : Dear heart of mine ?
Havent you learned from your mistaket yet ?
Havent you had enough ?
For once why don’t you turn yourself tough ?

Do you fear that you’ll be ice cold ?
Do you not see its for your betterment
So just and follow what I just told.

Leave them, they are humans after all.
For them care is just troll
To fool you and your innocent soul.

Against the Heart

I walk around with an empty mind,

Try to seek knowledge wherever I find.

Why am I so lost even after this?

Is there something else what I really miss?

Why am I not satisfied with so much of blessing ?

Perhaps, I should stop this mind

And thank the lord above- All giving.

For what I had, have and will receive

Are all granted by my dear load with no deceive.