Honour Killing 

​-Lives are taken, by the fake call of ‘honouring’

it was a tragedy indeed, for no one deserves murdering
Don’t  comment on who they were, or what did they deserved

They are no longer here and speaking ill won’t get you an award
But this recent story, grabbed human attention

Voices were raised, against those dark hearted creation
-It makes me happy, to know humanity still exists

but may I ask you, why is Zahra’s tragedy still a myth

Tell me why were the books of history torn and  burned

Did she not deserve a voice, wasn’t she the daughter of Muhammad?
Why do you hide, curse and fight

when I mention where is Zahra’s right
From heaven’s she was sent, 

even purity was shy from her scent
-But still along with her child, her life was taken

Behind the burning door, her tragedy too was kept hidden 
I now ask those who say, without a doubt no lives of Human

Be it men, women, or children should be taken in God’s name
But what about the pure Queen of heaven, 

why do you silence me when I mentioned her and her eleven?
-So before you say you stand strong against humanity

I ask you, for once turn your heart towards Baqi
Build again the walls you have taken down out of ignorance 

Read and learn, who have you avoided before the Mehdi’s appearance 
For just once, if you try your best to  know 

It was Muslims, who hurt Zahra at Muhammad’s home

May be then no lives would be taken in the name of honour

If only you stood against the right of your Prophet’s daughter