Shine for Imam Mahdi (as)



Like the Sun I want to rise,
bright in front of your sight.
Sacrificing for the good, I try
to never dim away my light.

For you, I speak against the
wrong and defend what’s right.
And you secure my soul,
form any darkness to ignites.

I fear, this light, before you arrive, with my
every fibre, I continuously try to obtain.
But due to my sins, might lose its shine,
tarnishing me into pieces, once again.

Yet I know, you’ve raised me to glare
against every cloud and thunder
I plead, approve me as your own
and come back as my just leader.


My just leader



Only for your mother, the
doors of Kabah, opened
To give you birth, Fatima
Binte Asad, was chosen.

In your first vision, your eyes
saw the light of Ahmad
The protector of his nation,
Mustafa’s arms cradled.

When no one listened, and
accused Ahmad of his mission
You stood against the odds and
decaled your submission.

You then defended, Ahmad in
every battle and oppression
While others ran, for God you
remained firm in your position.

You became inseparable
from the messenger of God
You love grew deeper, till you
obeyed without any reward.


You became a definition, of how
must the lord be worshiped
You taught us how to love God,
with your actions of leadership

You were the only cure, for
Muhammad’s lost nation
They begged for your leadership
in tearful, desperation.


But you didn’t agree, instantly,
you knocked from door to door
Asking, is there anyone against
you for becoming their mentor?

Pleased was the entire land of Madina,
of you becoming their saviour
For only you were the, the Quran
and Mustafa’s teaching’s armour.


I am not surprised, after years of
your rights being unjustly snatched
They begged for you, for in God’s path
only you remained attached.
You are my brave, just, leader,
with calamities you taught me
As long as I remain close to God,
everything’s a test and not misery.




Lesson from Hur

Lesson from Hur

-He Stopped the passage of water
Leaving hussain’s children, miserable with thirst.
-Being upset, the Imam said” I wish your mother had not given you birth”

-Hur had no answer, for even he knew who was the mother of Hussain
– In realization of her light, finally lead him to walk towards the road of Hussain

– With every step he takes, his vision towards God becomes clear
– The glow coming from this path, radiates bigger and brighter

– With shame he bows down his head, he requests
O Hussain please forgive me for this ultimate sin
– The Imam again said ” you are now free in this world and the hereafter” for you have chosen me over them, in the eyes of God, you were bound to win.

– And now for you and I, Hur’s action became a life’s lesson
– For even being an enemy, we can always chose to change and strive for God’s heaven.