We are never forgotten – Lesson from Mary, mother of Jesus

‘Forgotten’ Was what Holy Maryam wished, for
the pain of childbirth, was unbearable to take
And her lord said ‘grieve not, for I have provided
you with food and water, take them for my sake’

Worried became Maryam, for without her
child’s father, her purity would be in objection
A vow she made to her lord, to remain silent,
for 3 days to the world’s fake predictions.

She was ridiculed day after day, with
names her holy status never ever deserved
She pointed to her son and Jesus spoke,
defending his mother, the words of his lord.

For Maryam, kept her promise to her
God, and for 3 days remain in silence
and in return of her obedience, he
made her son, speak in her defence.


It amazes me, how our Lord defends us, even
when we feel we should have be forgotten
Yet if we obey him, he always remains, no
matter under what calamities, we have fallen.



Have you buried it all ?

There is deeply something
missing in your soul
when the screaming
doesn’t affect you at all

I am looking for humanity,
where has it gone?
is it still within you,
or have you buried it all?

I see a mother, crying for
the loss of her new born
to a brother tied up to
witness his sister’s clothes torn


I see a father carrying the
remaining pieces of his son
insanely, questions the
world, what harm had he done?

Do you not see, what does
a war do to a family?
It rips them apart, and
they have nowhere to be

I am looking for humanity,
where has it gone?
is it still within you,
or have you buried it all?


A teenage boy, left alone
with his only baby sister
the father gone, and
buried in fire was the mother

He takes his sister, around
from place to place
begs his relatives, but
they leave him, disgraced

He tries to work, to find food
and water to provide his sister
in desperate he steals, returns
home with bruises from an officer


He promises her, that one day
he will give her like no other
and she smiles back, sharing,
a piece of bread with her brother

A day finally comes, she is sick,
and there is no water
he tells her to wait, and
runs for help, to a doctor

He returns and listens, the
missing sound of his baby sister
The promised day, had finally
come, he had enough to provide her


Nothing was changed,
for it was far too late
from her sleep, she
would never awake

the time was gone and so
was his call of faith,
while weeping his life,
he lost it next to her grave

Loss is all, an innocent
has gained through wars
what have you lost, under
the roof with four walls


So this is my only
objection to you
let down the ego
and let other live too

Make it not, a game of
politics and murder
no is right, when bloodshed
is your only answer

I am looking for humanity,
where has it gone?
is it still within you,
or have you buried it all?

Lady Ameena’s honour

-A soothing wind flows in the vallies of heaven
The Angles above smile in celebration

-I notice the smile of Ameena glowing
For now her womb holds the best of creation, Rahmatalil Alameen

What an honour did the Mother of RasoolAllah (swa) had,
To be able to hold the blessed child, who God from heavens sent to perfect man kind.

With pride, I tell you
I am a follower, of the best of creation in all of man kind

For if my oath to him is true, I shall never leave the holy book of revelation and his holy family out of my sight.

But loving Him with few words isn’t just enough
For if my actions don’t prove me to be his follower, then shame of me to even call him my beloved.


I know better

I waited this long
To feel this special feeling of all
To have her in my arms and say my world is complete for my love has been has finally been born.
9 months of pain
9 months of carrying
I have got you here now
Oh what a worth waiting.
A smile that glows
On your face i see
My world stops for a while
When i know you are mine and u only came from me.
No other can owe you. No other can love you
You are a blessing from the lord
A blessing just for me
I taught you how to speak
I taugh you how to walk
I taugh you how to talk
With your countless mistakes i never left you for all your faults.
A perfection i see, which no other might
Would you ever understand if i tell you all i have sacrificed.
But a day comes to meeting, when you enter home, you say you have found someone
Who promises to love you and remain with you all life long.
I ask her who is it? Why dont you tell me more.
Show me what he is like
Will he be perfect for my dearest of my sight?
I listen to her, i watch the glow in her face, of how happpy she was
And how much my heart mealts to see that look of her just once.
I see him in person, but i don’t like him for certain.
My hearts says no, he cannot take care of my destest
I tell her, i try to say you deserve better.
She says no you are wrong!
You dont love me, nor see my happiness, you are selfish and she shuts the door
A tear under my eyelash.. As i see her lash away.

Did i not give you all, what was my mistake when your best is i have ever longed
You push me away, you move away
Was my love so cheap that you see nothing
For loving you was the greatest part of my living.
You replace me for him, you hate me for him. You disrespect me for him.
So show me would he remain with you once you show who you are
And not who you try to be for him?

Days, months and years passed by.
The glow on your face disappear and tell you good bye.
You are far away from me, yet so close to him
Do you know how much it hurts me to see you in pain all because of him.

You cry, and lie to yourself and become something which you are not.
How do i make you understand, you were perfect the way your lord gave you to me
You have lost your self and i have lost my preciour part of me.

A night arrives again, when you come knocking at my door
I see you covered in tears and ask you whats wrong.
You say he hurted you, so much that the pain wont go.
I ask you to come back to me
And i’ll show you, you were always worth more.

– We go through a lot of struggles and arguments when it comes to our parents. They might even at times say very harshful stuff but never ever throw us away, or leave us alone.
So remember, prerhaps we my not get it now but they always and always want our best and dont want any of us to repeat the mistakes they have once done
After all the Prophet was asked, ‘Who?’

And he replied ”You mother”
”Your mother”
”Your Mother”
”Your father’