Fear Of the saviour



You seized the rights of
Allah, given of your leader
From his family you snatched
away every sip of water.


Without a sword, he showed you all to
abstain bloodshed and enter God’s path
But instead you killed him and gained
the Most Merciful’s worst wrath


I am not surprised why do
you forbid his mourning,
Just as you denied him
water, you deny us grieving.


How do we stop, knowingly,
that our lives are always at risk
For only through Hussain, in this
land human rights still exists


You see, we try to change, and
to change we need to live
For our leader’s return every
sacrifice, we are willing to give.


Just like Muhammad, Mahdi too
will be a mercy to mankind
He will show, how God- from
your dark soul’s, you’ve denied.


I now know, it’s not hate, against
my pure school of thought
It’s fear, for as believers you’d
be exposed, as an enemy of God




Prophet Hud’s oppression

Prophet Hud like Mehdi was also
asked to remain in occultation
for in his absence, the people
had lost their faith in his mission.
They asked for their saviour, just
like we’ve been asking since years
Yet when Hud appeared, his was
nearly strangled, with scars & tears.
The people of Hud were asked leave
the worship of idols, the difference
between us and them, we still worship
our desires and think we are pious.
I understand now, why has Allah
still kept our saviour hidden
For he knows, his representor
would not receive, submission.

Do you carry Hussain’s lessons?

From people’s hearts
which deprived mercy
he sacrificed everything
to show them humanity

And yet this massacre,
done by Yazid’s army
until today, is buried
and unrecognized by many


With no political ambition
or material aims
he came to reform his
grandfather’s name

Hussain wanted to teach
good and forbid evil
show kindness, give
other and avoid the devil

Nothing but the best he
wanted for his lord’s creations
yet we repay him by allowing,
injustice and oppression.
So point not on others, whether
they belong in hell or heaven
ask yourself first, does your
action portray Hussain’s lesson?

Have you buried it all ?

There is deeply something
missing in your soul
when the screaming
doesn’t affect you at all

I am looking for humanity,
where has it gone?
is it still within you,
or have you buried it all?

I see a mother, crying for
the loss of her new born
to a brother tied up to
witness his sister’s clothes torn


I see a father carrying the
remaining pieces of his son
insanely, questions the
world, what harm had he done?

Do you not see, what does
a war do to a family?
It rips them apart, and
they have nowhere to be

I am looking for humanity,
where has it gone?
is it still within you,
or have you buried it all?


A teenage boy, left alone
with his only baby sister
the father gone, and
buried in fire was the mother

He takes his sister, around
from place to place
begs his relatives, but
they leave him, disgraced

He tries to work, to find food
and water to provide his sister
in desperate he steals, returns
home with bruises from an officer


He promises her, that one day
he will give her like no other
and she smiles back, sharing,
a piece of bread with her brother

A day finally comes, she is sick,
and there is no water
he tells her to wait, and
runs for help, to a doctor

He returns and listens, the
missing sound of his baby sister
The promised day, had finally
come, he had enough to provide her


Nothing was changed,
for it was far too late
from her sleep, she
would never awake

the time was gone and so
was his call of faith,
while weeping his life,
he lost it next to her grave

Loss is all, an innocent
has gained through wars
what have you lost, under
the roof with four walls


So this is my only
objection to you
let down the ego
and let other live too

Make it not, a game of
politics and murder
no is right, when bloodshed
is your only answer

I am looking for humanity,
where has it gone?
is it still within you,
or have you buried it all?