When Alone, would you be like Ali?



Alone in worship, day and
night he would remain
For alone, your souls,
one day will also be taken.


He showed the world, the master of his
and every creation is only Allah.
While his isolation with God was
feared, he remained firm in his Salah.


Ibn Mujlim, sought a deep desire
to marry a woman, as a condition
Accepted would be his proposed,
if completed Ali’s assassination.


While Ali remained lost in
prayer, conversing with his Lord
Like a coward, attacked ibn Muljim
poisoning Ali with his sword.


In this sacred month
of forgiveness, ibn Muljim
For the sake of his desires,
betrayed this religion.


I wonder, are you and I
any different than him..
Before you put desires
above God, think again.


When alone, would you be like Ali,
lost in his Lord’s remembrance..
Or like his killer, lost in fulfillment
of desires- chosen to be forsaken.




Sakina’s prayer, Abbas fulfills

-Years ago, with her hands raised
She prayed for her uncle’s return,
He promised her, he would bring water, but got killed by the oppressors.

-For she too had promised the children around her,
That no matter what, her uncle Abbas will bring them water.

-In grief, Abbas was ashamed
For he could not fulfill, the little child’s request.
But now I see, millions around his shrine, without a doubt, accepting their request.

– It now makes me realize, the prayer of Sakina was indeed accepted
Since she raised her hands, with believing faith, towards her beloved.

– In return, for her sake, Abbas accepts anyone’s call
And makes sure his Lord accepts without fail and fulfills them all.

Prayer- The Truest form of Love

Prayer - the truest form of love

I start this with the Name of Allah, the most Merciful, and the Most Beneficial.

To begin with, have you ever wondered how a machine works? Let’s say we have a car and it’s missing its engine will it work? No right. It’s just one part missing but the entire thing stop working because of it. So the question comes up, do we have all that we need to speak to Allah? All the right tool to speak to him directly and feel that connection? Just like how a car without an engine is useless, our souls without prayers are dead. And then we wonder why we are always so sad, so depressed. If you look around the richest, the strongest of people are also depressed. Why? Because not only them but us, we are missing something in our soul.

We often look at our bodies, we improve our bodies but sadly we forget souls. And we eventually end up unbalancing ourselves. Just like how a river flows with pure water and one add’s chemicals to it it gets impure and whatever creature drinks it will die eventually. That’s how our souls are. When we lie, when we backbite, when we gossips, Slander or even end up commiting zina, you’ll see there is an imbalance in our souls. Just like when we wake up early and we are all cranky and we end up being super angry it shows that we are imbalance with ourselves. And therefore that’s where Islam comes!.

The purpose of Islam is to take us towards balancing. And only Allah alone can put that peace in your hearts to find that balance we eagerly need. Let me try to explain the above further. We lie, laying is bad, it’s not bad because Allah dislikes it only but it imbalances you. You see He (swt) has created this entire world. He is the master of the heavens and the hereafter. And if he says that so and so is bad for you. Why do we not listen?  Let me give you an example: If I’m the owner of a Macbook and I made it. I discovered it and I’ve asked you not to use so and so parts. Will you listen to me? Well why wont you. I’m the creator, I’m the maker I clearly know it inside out and you don’t. While I have full knowledge of it you just have limited knowledge about it. If you end up listening you will stay away from the damage but if you don’t then that’s you nufs. Nufs Al Aamara- The part of your soul which pushes you to make desires your lord than your creator. Similarly it goes for this world and Allah the master of this world. He knows, he knows very well that committing whatever is forbidden will cause an imbalance and will cause us to move away from Him (swt). And that’s how it’s about everything we do, if Allah says something is haram, it’s not haram without a purpose. There is always, always a reason behind it. However the main question now comes. How do we stay away from this? How do we not let Nufs-Al Amara take over us?

Well the answer is prayer. Yes your Salah – The 5 obligatory prayers and if you will you can include that Night Salatul Layl prayer as well. However some of us don’t know how exactly to get closer to Allah. Most of us might feel ashamed of our past actions and are so ashamed that we don’t know how to even speak to Allah (swt). Well then remember take a step towards his and will come to you. Don’t be hopeless towards Allah. Because he is your master and if he doesn’t help you who else will?

Since Lylatul Qader is about to start. I’ve listed to down few ways one can inshaAllah find that concentration in their prayer. You see our concentration is limited. BUT if we train it well achieve that level of satisfaction one day. Therefore, these last blessed 10 nights can help you through.

1st – Wudu

Now we know Wudu is actually half of Imam and the other half is praying. You see one needs to work on their wudu before starting their prayer. There are various narrations by the Prophet (swa) which say when one washes a part of their body in wudu, it’s like the sins they committed with that part gets forgiven! Let me further explain:

  • When you wash your hands : Remember, not to do any actions with your hands which may be hated by Allah. Rather try to use it to towards something good, Like giving charity. Make an intention that you wont hard any one with them rather Allah duas by raising your hands above for Him (swt) to grant your duas.
  • You mouth- Make sure never to curse, gossip, or slander anyone. Never to hurt anyones feelings through the words which come through your tongue, rather speak well, with wisdom. Recite the Quran. And forbid speaking of anything which displeases Allah 9swt)
  • Your Arms: Make sure they carry which is good and forbid which is hated by Allah. Like using them to give charity to the poor and not stealing.
  • Your eyes and ears: Make sure you avoid seeding which is disgusting and forbidden, rather use your sight to look at the beautify of Allah’s creation, Nature and appreciate it. Use it to read the Quran to look at the verses and understand deeply the meaning behind each. Make sure not to listen to gossips, slander, or filthy words which can corrupt your mind and later you may not feel ashamed hearing them. Rather, listen to lecture, recitations anything which benefits you to be a better person.
  • Your head: When you wash it, you make sure not to have bad intention behind your thoughts, rather have pure ones instead. Intentions towards doing good for yourself and other. And keeping a positive mind, rather than something baseless and negative.
  • Your feet- When you wash them you try to make sure not to walk towards which is forbidden – Like a club, unlawful gathering, and so on. Rather walk towards a place of knowledge, place of Worship like the masjid and more importantly more towards your praying mat.

And therefore, you continue doing your wudu, which you wash each parts with such thoughts.

2nd Prayer:

  • Have Niyah of to whom you are about to speak. Remember he loves you, He loves you a lot. And he loves it the most when his servant asks him for something
  • Ask Allah to begin you closer to him, to be more obedient to him
  • Make sure you are praying in a quiet place.
  • Make sure the temperature is not too cold nor to hot. Since while praying your mind will wonder again about the temperature
  • Make sure the praying place is empty and you don’t have pictures around to distract you
  • Make sure the room is a bit dark for better concentration of prayer.
  • Make sure to keep your mobile phones, Laptops and other devices away. To avoid calls and message. Even if you may not receive it your mind will still wonder who is it from and what’s is about.

It’s Narrated by Imam Jafer Sadiq about prayer, he said : ‘ Oh servant of Allah, when you offer your prayer, pray like someone who bids farewell and fears that he may never return. Pray in such a manner that as if it was your last prayer. Then, fix your gaze on the point towards your prostration. If you know that there is someone on your left and on your right. You take more care in offering your prayer. And then know that you are standing in front of someone who sees you but you don’t see him.’’

3rd Forgiveness:

Here is a little dua we all can use in these special nights and that is:

‘’astaghfiru allaha wa atubu ilayhi أَسْتَغْفِرُ اللّهَ وَأَتُوبُ إلَيْهِ. أَسْتَغْفِرُ اللّهَ

I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I repent before Him.’’

Recite this 70 times or 100 or more as you wish along with the sins you want to be forgiven. I’ve tried this myself and it made me realized how we sin and later we brush it off down the carpet not remembering what we did. And we are lost is to how exactly should we ask for forgiveness for them. Well this helps inshAllah. You will have that feeling that you are now speaking and revealing it all to Allah although he already knows but now you are asking for his forgiveness from committing them.

Here are some important points to remember while asking for forgiveness:

  • Remember all the sins which you have committed

(a) with all your 7 organs: eyes, ears, tongue, hands, mouth, stomach + private parts OR

(b) some particular sins that you may have committed repeatedly OR

(c) Recalling the variety of punishments of different sins and finally resolve.
And make an intention of never ever commiting them again. That’s a Niyah and it’s very very important. The Prophet (swt) said:  Your sins get forgiven only when you make the intention of never ever doing them again.

And finally to end this, Remember Allah loves you. He begins his every verse with love’ Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem’ Ar Rahman for the entire world and Ar Raheem for us the chosen ones. Imagine Allah saying ‘ Where are you going my servant, wasn’t I a good lord to you?.  Why are you leaving me, for didn’t I give you rizk, heath, wealth, happiness? Didn’t I aide you when there was no one to aide you? Am I not waiting for you my servant?..Why don’t you turn back my slave. Whatever sins you have done, how much ever you’ve done. Why don’t you turn back to me?’’

I end this here, I hope you all have a blessed Ramadan and we change for the better and find that, that spiritual connection with our Beloved (swt)

Thank you for reading ^_^.

Death- A Reminder

Death - A reminder

Did you ever wonder, how at times our minds and hearts are not at peace, its scattered all around the place?
I mean even if it’s about doing something, like for example: spending time with family, studying, going out and worshipping Allah, we don’t have or get it enough time with it even if it’s for hours. Ever wonder why we feel this why, why aren’t we complete.
Well as much as I’ve researching on this, I believe it’s all got to do with Tawheed- oneness with Allah.
I mean look around, when a man is married, he is asked to spend time with his son, so he is not just speaking to him but Whatsapping, watching tv and playing ps4 at the same time!. Then tell me where is the focus ? It’s not there, if u look into our religion and other religions even there they say a no no to multitasking.

Why? Let me try giving an example:

When a person would come to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) he would smile at him and focus just at him not 15 people at once and the was one huge reason why a person would feel special around his (swa) ‘s presence, But don’t we do the opposite? Like if we out with a friend or family member instead of speaking to them we are pretty much busy on our mobile phones. Why? Why not only pay attention to them?
Another example is: We are different around different things, let’s say in front of a non-Muslim we a bit different, at times we try to be similar to them, inside a masjid we are a bit different, when it comes to praying in public we might feel shy or embassies, and go pray in some corner why? –  Well I believe we are not in peace with ourselves.
And it’s a saying of Imam Ali that ‘’ One who knows himself knows Allah.’’  And so the real question arises, do we really know our selves to know Allah? Therefore,We all know how it’s an obligation to pray 5 times a day,  let’s say some pray magrib for 2 and a half minutes, some might take more time. Well whatever it maybe one should make sure it’s worth it, you give your 100 percent to it. They say not the quantity which matters but the quality. Some might pray extra rakes in some prayers but later get sleepy, then what’s the point of it? Where are you lost? Isn’t it supposed to be focusing on your prayers?

Moreover, we decide our days into hours, say, 1 hour for family, 4 for studies, 2 for friends 1 for Allah and you think we are doing it all wrong, because even after so much time spent it’s still not enough, perhaps it depends on us to sit and think a day before how to spend every part of our day with some quality time with whatever we do, family, friends, studies do it but don’t look at the quality of it instead of the quantity.  Let me give you a story to make you understand what I mean better. – Years ago a scholar would be very busy into worshipping Allah and learning about his deen that he would get just half an hour with his family. And  if you asked the family was it worth it ? They would say yes it was more than enough, and that’s an example of Tawheed.  Focusing at one thing.

Now let’s get back to the main topic: Us.  How do we change feeling this way, well as much as I read, let’s Imagine Malik Al- Mout ( The death Angle) is going to come at you any time, maybe now,  maybe later,  maybe at night, who knows? But he will come, won’t he? There is no stopping to that.  And he is going to come and snatch your life away. And what will you be left with then?

Well let me explain this more, did you wonder how some lives get taken easily? Malik Al maut comes, snatches it away and done your gone. It’s over. And there are other, whose soul doesn’t leave the body easily, who get so sick and they are supposed to die but are suffering,  whose face turns pail, the life needs to leave they want it to leave but it doesn’t ? And one has to recite Surah Yaseen and ayatul qursi over them again and again with other additional Surah. And that’s when it leave the body finally. Ever wondered why ?  Well to make you understand this further there is an amazing explanation by Imam Jafer Sadiq he says: imagine you were to wash clothes, you take it to the laundry, well let’s look back in those days, how would they wash?
They would take it to the river and wash it one by one, .okay now imagine you keep some clothes on the grass and one on the bush, and tsunamis or a tornado is coming ? What would a logical person do? Run for it right? Grab all her clothes and run, Okay now the ones she grabs from the floor she grabs them quickly and the one in the bush it gets stuck and you have to pull it off because you have no time and it rips off a little or sometimes more.  Well that’s how the believers are, the clothes on the grass is taken away easily is how a believer with no attachment to this world is, their soul is taken away easily.  And the one who is in the bush, which rips of and you have to pull harder is how people who are attached to the world are. And it’s not easy to take away their soul because they are attached to this world
Moreover you know how at times we don’t pray, it’s considered shirk. Why ? Because we are making our nufs our God and not Allah. We are making our desires take over us, when Allah can only be hold over us.And there here I come to the point not to miss our prayers. Therefore we all know know if you make the tauba of seeking forgiveness with the niyah if not committing that sin again he, Allah (swt)will for sure forgive you. It’s doesn’t matter if some say ‘ oh you are so sinful, oh what’s the point of praying, this that, bla bla’ Don’t listen to them!. Who is greater them or Allah?

However, later there comes the question ‘’How do we know that Allah forgive us?’’  – Well for that that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was asked the same he said ‘’ If you find Happiness in your prayer, you find contentment in your prayers, means Allah is happy with you and he is lifting up your sprite towards him. However, if you find yourself distracted, doing Qada then it’s like he is removing his mercy slowly over you’’ And this bit got me so sad because it happens with me I’m sure with all of us. I’m a victim of it. But SubhanAllah look around how much this can make us feel so uncomfortable that we are ready to take any step to find that peace, to get closer to Allah again. Or else right now some don’t even bother. Just praying for the sake of praying is enough.

So again I jump back to the topic of death, I asked above what will be left with when our souls are taken away? Well here is the answer.

Let’s say I’m married in have kids and an awesome husband, and one day I die, my property gets decided within my kids, and husband marries someone else, I’m not there, he is allowed to do so because it’s his life and I’m dead, I’m gone and there is no possible away I can stop. Nor can I come back from the dead and ask people to care for me. Then what is mine? Is there anything of mine, but for my deeds?  No Right, Just Allah and only that can save me. In the day of Judgement who will be with me supporting me or you? No one. Not even our parents. We will all be worried about our Nufs, our deeds, we will be judged alone. Then why keep attachment with this world. If its not our home in the 1st place. Remember our eternal goal is Jannah. That’s our real home. And it’s surely not easy reaching there, but the sacrifices you make if not believe in me believe in Allah it’s worth it!

P.s: It’s the holy month of Ramadan, you don’t have to read soo many pages of the Quran or prove anyone you are worshipping more. No don’t do that. If it’s just an ayah, Read, get the translation and ponder upon it. We are given the Quran, our guide for a reason. Don’t hurry, don’t speed up. And yes try praying on time. They say it takes 40 days to master a habit or get rid of it. Try praying on time for the next 40 days. And believe me you’ll see change and spiritual increase in yourself ^_^. And through this you can now realize how Tawheed, oneness of Allah is important.

  • Thank you so much for reading, I hope your fast is going awesome! inshaAllah!