We are never forgotten – Lesson from Mary, mother of Jesus

‘Forgotten’ Was what Holy Maryam wished, for
the pain of childbirth, was unbearable to take
And her lord said ‘grieve not, for I have provided
you with food and water, take them for my sake’

Worried became Maryam, for without her
child’s father, her purity would be in objection
A vow she made to her lord, to remain silent,
for 3 days to the world’s fake predictions.

She was ridiculed day after day, with
names her holy status never ever deserved
She pointed to her son and Jesus spoke,
defending his mother, the words of his lord.

For Maryam, kept her promise to her
God, and for 3 days remain in silence
and in return of her obedience, he
made her son, speak in her defence.


It amazes me, how our Lord defends us, even
when we feel we should have be forgotten
Yet if we obey him, he always remains, no
matter under what calamities, we have fallen.



Prophet Muhammad and his Ahlulbayt

I’m not shocked at those who are unaware of Hussain(as)
For what value is your Hajj and Umrah,
If you avoid visiting the holy shrine in Madinah.
Don’t you know,  you can love Allah only through Muhammad (swa),
And how can you love Muhammad(swa) if you’ve already abandoned his beloved.

I wonder how much more history can this generation erase,
Look around, see how Hussain’s (as) sacrifice is the reason Muhammad’s (swa) name is still in praise.

For if it were not for the striking words of Zaynab and Sajjad in the courtyard of Sham,
The mention of Muhammad would no longer be in the calls of Adhan.

Know, the lovers of Aal e Muhammad are not scared of death,
And I assure you,  you won’t find any school of thought as strong as ours in faith. 
For we had the best of teachers, who were non other than Muhammad (swa) and his Ahlulbayt (as).

So how can I not be proud to call myself a follower of this faith,
For if it wasn’t for my Imam’s sacrifice, no one would know, what it takes to love and obey Allah, the Mejestic, the Great.