Prophet Hud (as) and Imam Mehdi (as)’s mission to their people.

Approaching towards his death,
Nuh said in his final moment,
After him Hud would be known
as his people’s chosen Prophet.
For after his arrival, Nuh had promised,
destroyed would be the deceitful enemies
who harmed his people of year after
year in deep, sorrowful miseries.
Appeared not Hud, for a long
time had passed for his arrival
impatient believers, soon left the
truth and walked the path of evil.
Witnessing, this change, Hud was asked by
the command of his Lord to remain hidden
Destroyed were those people, until at the
age of 40, Hud appeared again for his mission.
Invited this time, through Allah,
Hud approached his people
‘Obey God, for he created you,
worship not the idols of evil’
Although they were told, if they
followed Prophet Hud’s lord
increased with wealth would
be their respectful reward.
They jumped to strangle the
chosen leader of their time
for over the years, their hearts
were corrupted with such crime
For despite how much once they said, they
believed the lord and his Prophet’s mission
deep within their souls, for this world’s
desire they neglection this submission.
Muhammad too, was also attacked for
quoting and following Allah’s sermons
but due to his mercy towards mankind,
saved from this wrath were his nation.
I know for sure, Imam Mehdi too,
will be generous like his forefather
but I wonder, due to his sermons,
would we treat him like a stranger
Perhaps, Mehdi too has tried,
approaching us, his living nation.
But Allah has kept him hidden,
to test us and our submission.


Where have you gone

-I see a shadow beneath the door
I watch the tyrant making his approach
-I scream out O Father, where have you gone
-For the ummah you had taught have forgotten on whose house had they set fire upon.
-The rights of All, they have now stolen
– Leaving me behind the door with my ribs broken.

Shatter me

And finally the tears have dried up
To whome i would always give up everything for their sake, well guess what? I finally give up.
I now chose to be cold, as thick and heartless as possible
To avoid all the memories we ever had, to finally let go.
Yet with another passing night, a single memory of your stings me and reminds me… ‘ Hold on, you are still a human’ and breaks, crushes, shatters and mealts all the hardness i built inside me.